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Game Maker Games - BDS Puzzleworld
 BDS Puzzleworld by random
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Review by tapeworm
The first thing you need to do with BDS Puzzleworld is look past the graphics and try a few levels. Now, the game doesn't look terrible, but I found that the more I played it, the more I wished that the graphics could get an overhaul to match the quality of the gameplay. Incidentally, according to random, BDS stands for "badly drawn sprites."

This is a block-pushing puzzle game in the style of many others. This one has enemies and bosses, and as the game goes on, the enemies become a more significant part of the challenge. The puzzles are very well designed throughout the game. The best games of this type are the ones where a puzzle seems totally impossible, but then you eventually discover the solution and however clever you feel for solving it, you realize that the game's creator was yet more clever for setting it up that way.

The game has background music throughout. It's taken from various games, and it's not bad.

Be sure to use the tutorial before you start. It tells you the keys you need to know and how the game works.

Download BDS Puzzleworld (EXE, ~0.9 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about BDS Puzzleworld

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.01.21 serprex
Rating: 9

I liked the game, and I spent a lot of time looking over the puzzles. Sometimes the levels were frustrating, but I like hard brain games. The sprites were simple, and I like that. It may of been better if gravity could be shown in them, however, since I sometimes forgot. A level selector would also be nice, since the save function is sort of difficult.
2005.06.23 Some Guy
Rating: 9

Badly drawn sprites? Sure. Badly done game? No. Of course, the graphics are simple and all, but the game concept and how the gameplay was done make up for it. Since the graphics aren't as good, it deserves a 9 only, but the fact that is gets even that high is because the type of game is the kind I absolutely love. Clever puzzles seem hard to come by, but I just came by some.
2005.05.31 Re_jex
Rating: 6

nice game, I really enjoyed the puzzles. The music didn't work on my computer though, and I can't see the menu, its shrunken and stuck up in the corner... The reason I really don't like this game is not the graphics. ITs the dumb boss at the end! The spaceship has no real pattern I could notice, and shoots radomly!!! I wanted to finish the game but that boss is just way to powerful.
2004.11.26 VGfox
Rating: 9

*Huff huff* It's a very good game. Maybe It's the graphics, but I never rate a game by it's graphics.
2004.06.13 ZexusZP
Rating: 7

I truly adore the brain teaser. After trying 10 or more minutes on a puzzle, it's rewarding when you scream out an 'ah-ha!' when you finally solve the puzzle. The only problem is, the game goes by the 'One mistake = RESTART LEVEL' rule. But when I complete a level, that'll make me the happiest boy in the world. ( ZP SCORE: 7 OUT OF 10 )
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