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Game Maker Games - Baster
Review by happysister
Here’s an interesting little arcade game for you. The object of Baster is to catch the blue balls that fall from the sky in your barrel at the bottom of the screen, which in turn are somehow transported to your cannon at the right side of the screen so that you may shoot them at the incoming flying red triangles. Sounds easy? Well…it’s a little harder than it looks.

You use the mouse to control both the cannon and the barrel. Moving the mouse left and right makes the barrel move left and right along the ground. Moving the mouse up and down makes the cannon move up and down along the wall. And left clicking fires the blue balls out of the cannon. So your eyes and hand are kept busy the entire time with catching balls and shooting them back out as fast as you can. You can’t just concentrate on taking out the triangles because if you don’t catch any balls, you won’t have any ammo. And you can’t just concentrate on catching ammo, for if the flying triangles hit the wall, you lose health. If you lose all your health, the game ends. No lives. No continues. You just lose, and the game laughs at you.

All the sounds were made by the creator. He used his voice to do everything it seems. I think it’s kinda cute, but some of the sounds could be refined a bit more.

The graphics are simple, but clean and neat. A little touching up on the balls and triangles could make it even more nice-looking.

For this game, the only thing I could think of that was really lacking was an explanation of the controls, although it was so easy, I figured it out in three seconds. Other than that, I think this little game has a nice challenge to it and was done pretty well.


(just in case you missed them)
mouse left and right: move barrel
mouse up and down: move cannon
left click: shoot

Download Baster (EXE, ~0.9 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.03.17 Horseman
Rating: 6

Very simple, but fun and addicting. I enjoyed the challenge. Also, I've never seen a game like it...
2006.03.19 bearboy10110
Rating: --

i havn't played it yet but isn't the name supposed to be named 'bLaster' you know with a L
2005.11.29 GamerHippo7
Rating: 6

YAYA! It's very origional.. at least I think.. I got a tiem of 494 on my 1st try.... :[
2005.08.16 Re_jex
Rating: 6

really, not that bad, especially for a first game. All sounds are made by the creater, with use of a microphone. Very simple graphics but it works fine. short but fun.
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