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Game Maker Games - Base Attack Puzzle
Base Attack Puzzle by vgboy2002
A platform puzzle game styled after the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Get Defender through the cave, from Level 1 to Level 50, defending all Brats along the way! Make sure to read the Instructions for some of the less obvious controls.

Download Base Attack Puzzle (EXE, ~1.04 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.03.31 Dilbertguy
Rating: 7

This is a good game yet it gets hard pretty quick. I'm stuck on level 12 or 13. I'm not sure.
It has cool features, though, such as going from black & white and color.
2005.10.15 Mitchell EX
Rating: 9

A great puuzle game that keep me trying for hours to win for hours, though I didn't get far. The editor is well polished and I couldn't find many bugs. Some of the levels has funny names too.
Gameplay - 9/10 - I love puzzle games and I can tell this is one of the best. Polished game play. The jump can get a little annoying but thats all.
GFX - 8.5/10 - Nice GB feel, you brought it accoss well
SFX - 8.5/10 - Very SNESy style music and sound. though the music does get a little repeatative.
Level Design 9.5/10 - (Not including the levels I made) You and chuchino have made some of the most evil puzzles ever. Especily level 50 for those who reach it.

Overall - 9/10
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