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Game Maker Games - Bank Tycoon
Bank Tycoon by Flamozoid Gaming
A game where you try to design banks and make as much money as possible.

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.08.07 Tyler Weiss
Rating: 8

good game alright game play poor graphics but its meant that way good job
2006.07.04 flamozoid gaming
Rating: --

Huh? Menu, what do you mean? I have a menu... and the background is gray because its jsut floor... graphics dont make a game fun...
2006.06.21 Killer Bug
Rating: 2

I did have a clue what was going on with this game. Very poor graphics, no menu and no background. I could go on for ages about it but i'll be nice and stop there. Nice try.
2005.12.31 red_blupi
Rating: --

Funny game. I created mane banks, and i have 1064 money!
2005.12.13 coolvin91
Rating: 10

Cool game! Check out my stick men animations at:
2005.11.26 kirbycool
Rating: --

Hmmm... This game isn't bad for a three object strategy game (not including the menu or controlers)? But it's a three object strategy game nonetheless. Graphics NEED work but I think it's okay for your second game. If it is indeed your second game.
2005.11.26 flamozoid gaming
Rating: --

I created it just one time while i was bored and i posted it on the website. One of my first games, but my first tycoon.
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