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Game Maker Games - Bacteria
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Review by YoMamasMama
Bacteria is a neat little logic/puzzle creation which comes off as more of a "beat this if you can" challenge than a full-blown game. The premise is simple: you're the green circles and you must consume the red circles to dominate the play area. However, as the game itself will tell you, this is much easier said than done.

Gameplay is a turn-based affair. You click any circle you own to rotate it and the arrow it holds. Any circle not owned by you that the arrow faces will be converted to your cause. You're able to set in motion gargantuan combos spanning the entire screen with the click of a mouse because captured circles will also take the circle they point to when converted. If I ended the review right now, the game would sound way too easy, but I assure you, the game's AI is brilliant and will recover from nearly all your advances with larger, more damaging chain reactions. This is both frustrating and awe-inspiring... Simon Donkers should be commended for the intelligence of the opponent.

Bacteria provides a clean, if somewhat generic menu system. It's easy to navigate, and all information pops up on the main menu, making browsing a streamlined experience. In-game graphics are similar: slightly generic but clean and easy on the eyes.

When you pull off a huge combo, you'll hear maniacal laughter in the background. It's a nice touch, but ultimately does nothing more than annoy after you've heard it for the 20th time.

Bacteria will by no means require a large chunk of time out of your day to try out, and the quality is high, so why not give it a spin? It's worth it, if only to see how badly the AI beats you. The major drawback is that it feels like a tech demo. The lack of difficulty levels, unlockables, storyline, etc just makes it seem like a blueprint for something much bigger.

Download Bacteria (EXE, ~0.8 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.08.04 Link4000z
Rating: 7

O.o, i beat the AI on my first try and I've never played this before. I don't mean to brag, but... ok yeah I do, I beat it hahah you guys lost!!! Ok no, but really. The thing is, just don't really try... that's what I did and won. Oh well, the game was fun while it lasts and if ur bored give it a shot.
2005.01.19 L33TNerd
Rating: 4

Meh....n..n....n...not very good...t'was O.K. but didn't catch meh attention for longer than a minute...sorry..
2004.10.27 Q-kumber
Rating: 7

This is a really good game. The AI is too smart though, you can hardly ever win. If the AI was less smart this would be on my favorites.
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