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Game Maker Games - Back to Hell
Back to Hell by GrinchXL
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Review by Bitmappity
Back to Hell is a top down shooter game. I'd usually tell you the story, but unfortunately, most of the game is in a foreign language. You control a John Doe, taking him through three levels of shooting demons, collecting keys, and above all trying not to get killed. At the end of each level, there is a boss which you must defeat to progress.

Back to Hell is a very colorful game, each level having a unique atmosphere. The hand-drawn graphics are very well done. There are only a few sounds that you can take note of, and thankfully they are not abused. The music goes perfect with this type of game, adding a rhythm to the gameplay. Everything ties together very nicely.

There are a few areas where the game falls short though. Most of the game is just mindless shooting, which makes it more arcadey and less of an adventure. There are many different monsters in the game, but they all use the same dull AI. This makes the game a bit repetitive. I think that if the author translated the story, implemented it into the game more, improved on the monsters' AI, and added a few puzzles to make the game less repetitive, this would be a very solid and fun game. But right now, I only see a mindless arcade game.

Author's Description

In Back to Hell you must defend the earth from the hell monsters. It have 3 big Levels (Forest, Caves, Hell) and many horror enemys. good luck in your real nightmair

Download Back to Hell (EXE, ~5 MB , Content caution )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.02.22 Ouchy1
Rating: 6


its a kitty!
2006.11.13 Morgo Games
Rating: 6

This game is not so bad, but it's quite boring if you 'll play it for longer time. and if you're out off ammo you can't do anything, there are no close fight weapon like knife. but i can say this game is okay :-)
2006.07.01 middy182
Rating: 7

I like it but it is too hard quite good though ;)
2006.01.03 smolkomotion
Rating: --

Actually impressive. Just needs more animations, levels and
sound effects to be one of the better GM games. Great game engine now just feel in the gaps!
2005.07.07 Kmetamorphosis
Rating: --

I haven't played the game but the perspective looks messed up from the screenshot. You're not supposed to see the sides of trees and the tops of characters. That just isn't right.
2005.06.20 tjg92
Rating: --

I haven't played this yet but I'd like to say to whoever made this game, retake Language Arts Class!!!!
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