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Game Maker Games - Astrograb
Astrograb by Alf Fly
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Review by Bitmappity
Astro grab (OR Snatch the Astral Package (OR My Blue Balls are being Sucked in by Uranus!)) is a small, very simple, arcade game. A little too simple perhaps; although there's a small story behind it you can immediately jump into this without reading the directions at all.

With a story almost non-existent, Astro Grab is just another one of those arcade games you see on some website. While the story section in the info is three paragraphs, I'll take those three paragraphs and turn it into about one sentence:

You were traveling to this place to deliver some packages and you lost the packages but the people who you were delivering the packages to need the packages so you have to collect all the packages to bring to the people you were delivering them to.

Yep, thats one sentence. So the object is to fly around in your ship, seeing how many of these "packages" (or "phebs", whichever you prefer) you can collect before hitting one of many spontaneously self-generating wormholes. With each Pheb you collect, your ship gets faster and faster (with more wormholes being created too!). So try and get the highest score!

Astro Grab's gameplay isn't THAT great, and is one of the things that should have been worked on more. After the first few rounds, you'll get sick of it (at least I did). There could have been more obstacles, and the current obstacle could have been improved more. I was hoping you would actually be "sucked in" toward the wormhole. Instead you just explode when you touch it. I didn't know holes exploded things.

This game has good graphics. Not great; but good. Most of them are original, which means the author took some time to make this game. Some things that could have been worked on more are the the jet flames that come out of the ship and the wormholes. Those weren't the prettiest sprites in the game.

I don't have too many complaints with the sounds, because there were barley any sounds. I guess that could count as a complaint by itself, but oh well. The menu music was nice and space-y, but the in-game music was sort of wierd. More of a platform game style of music.

Overall, if you want to try this game, try it. You'll most likely have a little fun with it if you like arcade games. But I didn't think it was too great, and probably won't be playing it anymore.

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Comments (Add your own):
2004.09.17 knight666
Rating: 7

It was pretty good, but a direct link would be nice:
The graphics were okay and so was the gameplay, but the sounds soon became annoying.
Also, it is very dull.
Overall, an okay game, but not one you can be advised to play.
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