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Game Maker Games - Armada
Armada by Hoyt Jolly
Your world is being invaded by a hostile alien race. Being a peace loving culture, war is not something that your race has planned for. Still, the ancient archives contain information on how to build massive ships of war. Pooling the planets resources, a massive mothership is built from which a counter attack can be launched from. You are in control of the counter attack. Use the planets funds to build ships, and turn back the attackers. Note: New upgrade ability and cheat codes added on 1/15/07

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.08.05 Link4000z
Rating: 8

Hmmm... this is a diffrent kind of game... and I like it. It's a very interesting game and fun to play although it can get dull at times. What you do is pick your ships and watch them go against others. But there is strategy involved. You can choose if they should hit and run or circle the enemy.
It's a very neat game, however the presentation is a little below average. The graphics of the ships look fine if not a little bland. The backround of space and of the planet are pretty "paint-ish" though. Some of the enemies attacks also look a little off.
Don't let that turn you off though, this is a great game for when you have nothing better to do. I think a sequel would be cool with some of the things fixed that I told aout above. Also, a little more back story would be nice. Contact me if you need any help, cause htis game is pretty awsome.

Overall: 7.5
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