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Game Maker Games - Ark 23
Ark 23 by Kafeithekeaton
Ark 23 is a space-age action-adventure game. You play as one of the survivors of a space exploration disaster trying to get home from getting in contact with your home planet and the other stranded crew members.

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Opinions about Ark 23

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2010.03.02 Tacklebox
Rating: 8

Great game play, nice ambient music, responsive controls, awesome graffix, engaging dialogue, memorable characters...ending kind of left me on a cliff-hanger though, but otherwise, interesting game.
2009.12.12 EagloBane
Rating: 1

An absolutely horrible joke. This is NOT a sequel to the amazing Ark 22. Rather, it is a one room game where you play a fat character that can't leave the room. All he can do is die.

I strongly advise you not to download this game. Ignore all the comments above.
2009.02.05 Recneps
Rating: 10

This game is truly a classic people 1000000 years from now will still remember this.
Great job man!
2008.09.10 phoenix0
Rating: 8

Nonsense! This game is the best game on the face of the earth! It's the best game ever made!!!! EVER!!!!!
2008.02.06 moran
Rating: 1

I know you guys are being sarcastic, but for those who were amazed by Ark 22, saw this and asked 'sequel?'....the people need to know. This is just an awful waste of time.
2007.12.11 Trogador
Rating: 10

This game isn't leaving my hard drive ever.
2007.11.08 emofire
Rating: 10

This game makes me wish that the rating could go up higher than ten. This game is at least twenty seven times better than the original.
2007.11.03 The Third Man
Rating: 10

This is without a doubt the best Game Maker game I have ever played. Every aspect--the graphics, gampeplay, sound, presentation, replayability--is done to utmost perfection. I stand in awe.
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