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Game Maker Games - Archer
Review by Malaika
I do have to say, before beginning the review, that one of my favourite genres of Gamemaker games is the arcade survival-shooter. The aptly-named Archer falls into this category.

A decidedly simple premise makes for a decidedly arcadey game. You control a little guy named Archer (go figure). Using WASD to move, while aiming with the mouse, you must fend off random assortments of enemy archers, knights and demons. Throw in a large and thoughtful selection of powerups, and you have yourself a pretty fun game.

The graphics are quite simple, but get the job done. Characters are small, but distinguishable from one another. The backgrounds are a little too simple, although it's nice that there is more than one. Certainly not Nobody's best graphical work, although they aren't an eyesore. My biggest problem with the visuals would be the random lines and polygons that appear on the screen occasionally. I don't know if they are supposed to be there for effect, but they kinda just looked like glitchy code.

The sounds in Archer worked reasonably well. There isn't a great variety, but you couldn't ask for more. The music, on the other hand, is too loud and detracts from the gameplay in a big way. Using a modern punk song wasn't the best idea. This is Archer, not A Knight's Tale.

The game plays smoothly, even if it is simple. I found it quite difficult, especially with those enemy archers pumping arrows into me. But there were no problems. The pretty explosions of gore were a nice reward for a kill, and thats all us gamers ever really want, isn't it?

All-in-all, Archer is a solid game, although perhaps a tad simple. The inclusion of plenty of powerups adds a little more replayability, but not really enough to give it a permanent place on my hard drive.


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Comments (Add your own):
2006.09.29 SqueakyReaper
Rating: 9

The only preaching I'm going to do here is say that this game needs a star. I'm not going to review. But I will say that this is the greatest finished game I've ever played.
2006.05.08 Jabberwock
Rating: 8

Wicked game- kind or reminded me of Crimsonland, for those of you who've played it. The graphics are good, and the sound is fair, though it seems to be ripped from FlapFlapFlap; maybe that's just me. The music is too loud, which is my only real complaint. The powerups can be lots of fun- anyway, great game. My high score is 683.
2006.05.07 sc(+)pe
Rating: --

------------------broken link--------------------
2006.05.07 Nobody
Rating: --

Link fixed.

Thanks for the review btw!
2006.03.08 Astin
Rating: 8

This game rocked with an iron fist. From the second you turn it on you are greeted by some of the nicest graphics since Sieklus. the game is fast paced giving you plenty of archer upgrades to pickup.

There is nothing more that I cna say about this game except that you had better play it or feel my wrath
2005.12.28 ronnoc
Rating: 8

This game is W00tness... and fun.
2005.12.25 Hootie hoo!
Rating: 9

Great game!
The graphics and sound were excellent, and I like the blood effects.
Good job.
2005.12.24 z4000
Rating: 9

Great Game! Nice graphics and sound! Just one thing: Please a give a discription of each power up. Its hard to guess what each thing does by just reading the name. I once ded bacause I thought i had somthing that killed the other dudes when I ran into them
2005.12.23 Yibbon
Rating: 8

Been expecting this for ages, a fantasic and addictive game!
Not a noob game, play it now >:O
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