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Game Maker Games - Ancient War
Ancient War by Excalibur333
Ancient War is a fast paced action RTS game with lots of units, upgrades, trophies, and even a custom level builder. There is a survival mode and a quick battle mode.

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.01.15 Recneps
Rating: 8

Ancient War is a nicely polished and rather funny RTS. Like in most RTS games in Ancient War you must defeat the computerís army before he defeats you. The goal of the game is to gather wood and gold to create armies. You then must defeat the computerís armies to unlock new solders and eventually win the game.
The graphics are one of the most amusing parts of the game. The short little guys with long eyes not only look funny but are also cute. The simple graphics are what makes the game what it is. Without them the game wouldnít be nearly as good.
One of the weirdest things about Ancient War is that the RuneScape-like music fits so perfectly. In fact the music and the ďphhpĒ sounds that come up whenever someone dies are some of the best fitting sounds to any Game Maker game Iíve played.
Like in a lot of strategy games in Ancient War, you gather recourses to create armies. First, you choose the level you want. I usually do level seven but sometimes itís fun to see how fast you can beat level one. To move armies you simply click the screen and drag a selection box around them and right click on the place you want to move them. Like in most RTS games the way to win is speed; if youíre not fast you wonít win. Unlike most RTS games there is no exploring and no minimap. You just look around with the mouse.
Of course every game has a bad side but Iím having a lot of trouble finding this gameís. The only thing I can really think of is that it can be hard to get workers to collect wood. Sometimes they go to the tree and just stay there.
In short Ancient War is one of the only attempts to make an RTS Iíve seen in Game Maker and it is one of the funniest Game Maker games Iíve played. I highly recommend it.
2008.05.26 flip82
Rating: 10

I am serious. One of the greatest games I've ever played. I downloaded like a month ago, and I'm still playing it. 10/10.
2008.05.21 excalibur333
Rating: --

Thanks for the comment. I tried the make the trees easier to click on. I think you should be able to click on the top and that will help.
Thanks again for the feedback I'm glad you enjoyed my game.
2008.05.17 Andy0_0black
Rating: 8

This game is pretty sweet. love the graphical style and fast pace. it's pretty hard though. but thats fine.

It is sometimes difficult to click on the trees when commanding the peasants, though.
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