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Game Maker Games - Aliens End
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Review by YoMamasMama

Aliens End is a fun, if slightly unoriginal, tank game where you fire shells at passing aliens in order to achieve a top score. The game is very arcadey and the premise has been done before many times, but the polish on top saves it from average-ness. However, some aspects almost succeed in bringing it down...


The action is very fast-paced, but the controls can't seem to keep up. The button layout is a little too convoluted for such a fast game, and I can't help but wish Ablach had employed mouse aiming as opposed to the current system of separate keys rotating the turret. Even though I realize that mouse aiming may have made the game a bit too easy, the current setup is just frustrating. Overall, the gameplay has it's moments and won't leave a bad taste in your mouth, but it won't really leave a good taste either. Like the gaming equivalent of tofu.


Seldom can games ride almost solely on their polish and still be considered passable, but Aliens End does it well. All the graphics are smooth and well-drawn. Part of the fun factor comes from blowing up the enemies just because the effect caused by their demise is very satisfying. The music easily gets repetitive, but it always stays in the background, so in the heat of combat you likely won't notice.


I respect the creator of this game, Ablach Blackrat, very much. He is a great game designer and has obvious talent, as seen by the amount of polish put into this game. The problem with Aliens End, as I see it, is that the concept just didn't pan out. It never went beyond your basic tank game, so it never distinguished itself.

Think of pennies. You see them everyday and never think twice about them, many people toss them onto the sidewalk after they receive them as change. But if you happen to see a really shiny penny, it catches your attention. Then you realize it's still a penny, and toss it onto the sidewalk. Aliens End is a really, really shiny penny.

Download Aliens End (EXE, ~1.1 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
Rating: 5

This game can be improved by making the screen bigger and also making game info but over all its pretty nice.
2004.10.16 Mocha Man
Rating: 6

I remember playing this when it first came out. I agree that the graphics are very well done, but something about the gameplay just didn't click with me.
2004.06.11 LostPenguin
Rating: --

Fun. The graphics are very cool and original, did you make them yourself? The controls are hard to get used to. It is pretty hard. It's an arcade-y game, so your main objective is to get high score before you die.
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