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Game Maker Games - Alien Takeover
Alien Takeover by Urisoft
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Review by Sensei Eggwoah
In this game you fly around in a ufo and try to destroy the buildings by shooting a laser downwards. You can also use a tractor beam to beam up anything from the powerups, people, to the buildings. The tractor beam was very ammusing and fun to play with. There are angry peasants who shoot back at you (with lazers?) The top of the screen displays the statistics telling you how accurate your shots are. The game is level based and once you defeat one level you move onto a harder level. This is a fun and engaging arcade game.

The games movement is quite simple. You use the arrow keys to move up, down, left, and right. I thought it would have been better if the ufo had momentum instead of stopping dead right at the spot you took your fingers off the keys.

The graphics were very simple, but all original none the less. They could have used more shading. I found that the shots that the peasants fired were quite dark and difficult to see at times against the similar colored background. Perhaps it would have been better if another color was used like green. It might have been that this was intentional to make the game harder. Its hard to tell.

The starting screen was very impressive and had semi-engaging yet repetitive music (I don't know if it was original or not). My only critisizm here is that it was a little too good for the simple graphics found in the main game. The music in the main game was a single simple melody which repeated over and over and got quite repetitive. I thought a song which displayed a sense of urgency or panic would have fit better.

The sounds fx were fine. I was happy to not hear any of the pre-packaged sounds given with gamemaker.

Author Submitted Info

The goal in alien takeover is to destroy all the building in the screen. this game features:

5 levels- african tribes, medivel city, a city from the early 1900, a present city (with mcdonalds) and a futaristic city.
random terrain and buildings
nice sound effects
almost completly original gfx
a teleport beam that can lift anything on the screen
cool bonuses and cheats

Download Alien Takeover (EXE, ~2.0 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.10.10 fatalbertthe
Rating: 1

looks pretty good ill try it check back tommorow 4 my thoughts.
2004.10.09 jms143map
Rating: 5

Good menu background the movement is kind off hard but its cool , hey check out my website - www.freewebs.com/jm143map
2004.09.12 TopHat
Rating: 7

Yeah the tractor beam is well made! The AI for the peasants are real good too, but one thing is that the graphics are a lil iffy.
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