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Game Maker Games - Alien Invaders
Alien Invaders by Robert Pro
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Review by Malaika
Another clone of the venerable, but somewhat boring "Space Invaders", Alien Invaders is a mixed bag of updates and downgrades from its ancient predecessor.

Graphics have never been important with Space Invaders, so they shouldn't be important with its clones. The visuals in Alien Invaders are simple, but there's really nothing to knock. They work, 'nuff said, Although the player spaceship has a strange resemblance to an ice cream...

Sound will make or break a game, which I'm sure I've said many times before, and will say many times again. Sadly, it's importance is often underrated in games, and Alien Invaders is no exception. Basically what I'm trying to say, in so many words, is there is no sound. It might have hepled overall gameplay if there was a little audio effects.

In all clones, the real issue isn't whether it is a good game, but ho much it resembles the original, and stays true to the formula. Alien Invaders is a bit of a conundrum. It does a few things well, and a few things... Not so well...

Firstly, the good bits. Lets face it, Space Invaders is slow, and downright boring. Alien Invaders attempts to address this issue, increasing game speed and allowing the player to fire three times at once, instead of just once. There is also a life meter now. It depends on how you like to play your games as to whether you will like this addition or not.

Sadly, though, Alien Invaders misses out on the gold. The defense blocks from the original are absent, as are the passing motherships. The gameplay has been stripped right down to the very basics.

The other problem, and probably the biggest, is the movement of the alien ships. They scroll back and forth as usual, but they often get stuck, and pile up on each other, making destroying them tedious and less than skillful.

Overall, Alien Invaders isn't a BAD game per se, it just falls considerably short of the goal. Play it if you are a die-hard Space Invaders fan, or feel like beating your head against a wall at the gruelling speed of the original.

Download Alien Invaders (EXE, ~0.680 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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2004.05.26 Michael
Rating: --

you have to go to his site to load it
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