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Game Maker Games - Alien Attack!!!
Alien Attack!!! by Trizzle Gaming
This is my 2nd game ever so it's not that good. The download is freewebs because tripod wasn't working for me.

Download Alien Attack!!! (EXE, ~1.0 MB )

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2006.04.30 stinkoman_sd
Rating: --

Word from the creator: Hello! Before you tell me all the stuff you find wrong with the game (such as the lack of music) remember that this is my 2nd game ever and my first game didn't even work. and the host is freewebs so if you don't like freewebs don't download it.
2006.04.30 Aboriginal
Rating: 1

Man, I hate to discourage you so early, but this game sucked so bad. First of all, like you said, there was no music or sound effects. Secondly, you could drag your mouse over the screen to take out all the "aliens" without shooting. Thirdly, you just modified 1945, as is evident by the bullet increase after 40 and 1000. Fourthly, it said "Welcome to Alien Attack!" and showed the game information every time you went to a new level. Fifthly, I once got stuck in an infinite loop of the "Welcome to Alien Attack!" and the showing of the game information. Sixthly, after you lose (only happened once cuz I didn't know what to do) the game just quits, making you restart it. Same thing happens when you win. Seventhly, there was no HUD or anything showing your skill. I'm sorry, but even for a first game, this was horrible.
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