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Game Maker Games - Age of Man
Age of Man by Hoyt Jolly
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Review by Malaika
Gamemaker has had somewhat of a poor history with Real Time Strategies. Perhaps people can't code them well, or the graphics are a let-down, or maybe Gamemaker just can't handle it, but I haven't seen too many good ones out there. Age of Man sets out to create a RTS game with a bit of a twist.

This simple little game puts you in charge of a neolythic god of lightning, who has decided to play around with the humans a little. The little men, red and blue, hang around the trees and eat fruit to expand their population, while trying to fend off jaguars and the other tribe. As a god, you move your little people around by firing lightning. The men will run away from your godly bolts, so you can herd them this way, or you can fry their trees or mates to kick 'em in gear. Clicking the right mouse button declares war between the tribes, and all of the people will flock to the banner and massacre each other. A simple premise which will keep you blasting away for a while.

All of the sprites are original, as far as I can tell, and they look respectable enough. There are only four or so different sprites anyway, so its obvious that isn't the focus of the game. The people look pretty cute with their leapard-skin furs, although I haven't got a clue how they get them, considering the nasty cats are constantly brutalising the men without a fight. Combat is pretty weak, with the only feedback being little ghosts that float up, but it's pretty tense waiting to see if your people have defeated the other tribe.

Sounds are quaint, and fit well enough into the feel of the game. A nice jaguar noise when the cat comes along is great, and nerve-wracking at the same time. I enjoyed blasting around with my lightning, listening to the cool explosions. And hearing the little men barbecue... Maybe I'm just sadistic.

Plenty of well thought-out levels and a simple yet effective gameplay engine has formulated quite a piece of work in Age of Man, however it is perhaps TOO simple. There are only two things to do in the game - blast stuff and rally everyone to a bloodbath. You can have fun coming up with new strategies for a while, but AoM will get boring very quickly. I would ahve liked to see better behaviour from my tribesmen - perhaps building little huts, or fishing or something, but all they do is hang around trees... bloody hippies... This game is effective the way it is, however it would be much, much better with MORE TO DO.

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.04.24 Maderick
Rating: 7

good game, i found the secret game defend the base
because i felt like zapping everyone on the main menu screen! the game is good, please make a sequel and add more stuff like campaiyn, scenario editor! overall 7/10
2006.04.10 demon_monkey
Rating: 10

Loved IT! An awsome sinple RTS game what more could you want (maybe some godly spells like a plauge of lotcus or something)
2006.03.28 [M]edieval
Rating: --

I didn't have permission to enter the website :S I've got no idea if it could be fun.
2006.02.04 pyrotoz
Rating: 1

Just dispplays some random error message when I tried to play it......
2006.02.02 jchalase
Rating: 1

When I tryed to download this game it said it was done half-way every time!
2005.12.14 Desert_Games
Rating: 8

What the hell i was so like this game so much I wanted to team up with him
2005.10.30 MegaKostey
Rating: 1

Very boring, hard to control things. There is only one unit, one command and one action. May be 20-30 years ago this game could be great, but today it is rubbish on HD.
2005.06.24 The...uhhh
Rating: 9

Awesome game! In the first level I waited a long time for the blue guys to reproduce but i forgot to see what the reds were doing so i took a quick look and there were like 200 of them! an in the first level, if u zap near the leopard ittll run away and eat some red guys
2005.06.23 Q-kumber
Rating: --

Nice game, it's good to see some RTS's made in Gamemaker. Just for fun I zapped all my people except for one to see if I could still win. I couldn't.
2005.06.22 maelstrom
Rating: 7

I have to admit, this game was well constructed given that not many RTS games are made with Game Maker, but it lacked the necessary elements to make it truly great. All you could do was decimate your population by striking them with lightening. To me, that gets a little old after awhile. But besides that, I thought it was very well done!
2005.06.22 sc(+)pe
Rating: 2

i played for 10 minnets and i noticed:
No point
No buildings
Lightning is pointless
And it's just plain gay, play purper, its better than this.
2005.06.22 jmanjman47
Rating: 6

Its a nice game it first and very addicting. After a while (Blah). But hey, obviosly you can tell alot of work was put into the game. If there were more options it would be alot better. The game needs some more work
2005.06.20 Re_jex
Rating: 8

truly a great game... It should have gotten more. It is simple to learn yet not all that easy to master. The last level took me a bit. That hiddin mini game was really fun. a nice relaxing game, that takes little focus, no crazy mouse clicking and intense button pushing needed.
2005.06.07 vicvictorw
Rating: 9

Pretty cool game. It can be addicting, be careful! BTW, I found the secret game, and beat it. I like the cheetahs. I like to take aim and 'shoot' them at the enemy. It would be cool to have some more gameplay elements, though, such as more tribes, more god powers, and battle animations. This game reminded me of Populous. Overall, nice job. I'd like to see more of this!
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