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Game Maker Games - After School
 After School by Gabriel Claveau
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Review by cactus
Have you ever played Nintendo's superb boxing game Punch Out (or it's amazing sequel Super Punch Out)? Well I certainly have. The concept is to figure your opponent out, so that you can read his moves before he beats the crap out of you. To make things more interesting, you can block, punch and super punch.

When your opponent throws a high punch, you must either dodge or block his high punch by pressing up, which will allow you to get a chance to counter his attack. When he throws a low punch, you simply do nothing to block it. To make things more fun, the opponent usually has a signature move, where he gets into a funny stance before delivering a devestating blow. Get the timing right and you can counter it, leaving your foe open to a series of punches. Landing consecutive hits without getting one yourself builds up your power meter, which you can use to make super punches once fully charged. These have to be used carefully though, as they take a while to perform.

So why am I talking about Punch Out, and not After School? Well, because After School is a very well done clone of said game. The big difference being the flimsy jazzuo like aesthetics and less standard settings for the boxing matches.

Here you get to beat the crap out of various ugly french people, who act like they're on steroids. Start out with a bear-like fatso and move onto a little girl and her mother. They all have different settings around them, and these environments are varied, although horribly ugly and sometimes with a bit of ripped content.

The sound is pretty nice. I'm betting the music is ripped from somewhere, but it fits rather well. And the sound effects for the fighting all fit in. The characters have a few one liners in french, which doesn't necessarily sound to great, but they do enhance the gaming experience a little bit.

Overall, I say that this game is more than worth the seven meg download, although you probably need to have a liking for Punch Out to find the game as fun as it can be. And you can't be too picky about graphics, or this game might make you vomit. I should also note that the game is in French, although you can understand most of it without any trouble even if you don't know exactly what the texts say.

(Warning: Apparently contains swear words if you know French.)

The Author wrote:
A Punch Out game.

Download After School (EXE, ~6.81 MB , Content caution )

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2007.10.18 Quimp
Rating: 7

There are several reasons why one might enjoy this game, the first one being well described in the review: you enjoy similar games, like Punch Out. Another reason would be that you like games similar to Jazzuo's. This one goes straight in this category with its sketchy graphics, writing mistakes (whether intentional or not) and its surprisingly solid presentation.

A last reason would be that you are familiar with the spoken language in Quebec, a province in Canada. Aside from the help file, everything is in French, but not just any French. Only a small portion of those who will play this game will understand the slang used, and as it stands, even native French people may have difficulty understanding (those from France, for example). If you're not offended by the crude language, chances are you will find the game even more interesting. It adds a lot to the experience and personally, I believe it fits the game very well.

If you meet one of the above criteria and you don't mind downloading a +7mb game which sadly won't last you very long, you might then like this game. It is rather funny in its own way and you may be surprised by the game play.
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