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Game Maker Games - Acwabatiacs
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Review by Quimp
Announcing itself with a big whack of its long tail, it ate hundreds of sheep in a matter of minutes, scoring enormous combos. If you never played this game before, this probably didn't make any sense: I'm referring to the bear tethered to the yellow centipede's rear in Acwabatiacs. This is how far CoolMoose's originality has gotten in his most recent title, Acwabatiacs. As usual, we are delighted with innovation in an addictive game.

Game Maker users are often inspired from well-known games, but most of the time the inspiration leads the creator to end up with a clone. This game, while having a strong correlation with Snake in its concept, is very different in many ways: Snake didn't feature a whacko centipede, with a sheep-eater bear attached to its back! The originality is raised to one higher notch when the music starts. Even though it's not a first to have banjo in CoolMoose's games, I consider the music a fresh air nonetheless.

Despite the fact that I think this game is an incredible can't-miss-it, I do have suggestions. To start with, the graphics all blend together nicely, at the exception of the explosions. I felt they didn't follow the same graphical direction as the rest of the game. Secondly, an offline highscore table would have been a nice addition. Such ability would allow players to save their achievements locally and send their scores online latter.

To wrap it up, I dig Acwabatiacs a lot because of its simplicity, its balanced increase in difficulty, its originality and because it provides a great load of fun. Whoever said sheep apparently help sleep was wrong. Do you have enough shepherd in yourself to give these sheep a lesson? Take the test now!

The Creator wrote:
Control a centipede with a bear tethered to its rear, avoiding hazardous objects and swinging your bear-butt around to chomp on frolicking sheep. No, seriously, that's the premise of the game. Online high scores are included, of course.

Download Acwabatiacs (EXE, ~4.1 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.04.21 Radnom Games
Rating: 9

The only GM game I have ever saved onto my desktop for over a month.
2006.04.21 Wolverine
Rating: 9

Great game. One of my favorites on this site, and easily my favorite game by Coolmoose.
2006.04.20 Game Fortress
Rating: --

I gotta hand it to coolmoose. He is a great gamemaker. Very few people manage to produce more than one marginally good game, but he keeps doing it over and over.
2006.04.20 Melchior235
Rating: 8

Well, overall this was a pretty cool and fun game. I commend Coolmouse on a work well done overall, though I found some few aspects that could have been improved.

Concept 8/10
A different take on the old Snake game, with some crazy and cartoony elements. Interesting.

Graphics 8/10
The game's graphics seem all to be original. They have a cartoonish look to them and fit very well together. The use of built-in in effects and particles was pretty well done as well. The way the part of the caterpillar are constantly following each-other is pretty nifty looking, though at times this movement wasn't so smooth.

Gameplay 8/10
The game's gameplay works pretty well also. I have found no game-crippling bugs to speak of, however, the fact that the player is killed whenever he strays too far from the game screen bugged me. Sometimes you'll only remember to turn away from the edges when you're already at them, and due to the slow turning rate, that won't be enough to keep you from dying, making this aspect of the game one that could use a bit more work. The game's hazardous elements, however, were pretty well done, and the fact that if the bear stay too long without food he takes off your health is also a nifty feature. Everything else seemed to run smoothly. The lack of an off-line score list is also another aspect to be improved, not to mention you can't see your own score in-game.

Sound 9/10
The game's simple, having few sounds and two songs that I could identify. The sounds, however, fit very well, and the in-game music was really catchy. The title screen one, however, seemed like it should be a one-time thing, however it'd loop from time to time, and it sounded weird. Overall though it's great sound compared to most GM games.

Replay value 6/10
The game's simple, arcady, pretty original compared to most other games of its kind and well done. So it can be pretty addictive. The fact that you can submit online scores is another feature that can make people want to come back to it. However more features, levels, and whatnot could have made it more interesting in the long run. Otherwise people can get bored of it.

Overall rating 8/10
2006.04.20 Melchior235
Rating: --

Oops, just realized you can see the in-game score on the title of the window. My bad.
2006.04.19 LegoCrazy1
Rating: 7

Though its not as good as Runmans Monster Frantics I still think its a great game. Though its very addictive it sometimes gets boring. The scenery should change some, etc. Though great game altogether.
2006.01.31 darthlupi
Rating: --

Darthlupi verified to be a valid two room game!
Pretty spiffy.
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