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Game Maker Games - Action Maze
Action Maze by Jazzuo
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Review by darthlupi
Game Description
Action Maze is a great top down shooter where you have to fight your way through hordes of enemy soldiers. There are interesting lighting effects that make all of the level dark except where you are looking. The darkness wraps around the walls creating a realistic viewable area effect. You can get in Jeeps, toss grenades, and shoot your way through the maze for hours.

Game Mechanics
You aim your player with the mouse and move him through the Action Maze with the keyboard arrow keys. Your goal is to destroy the square blocks with grenades that the enemy comes out of in order to proceed to the next maze. Along the way you collect gas for your vehicles, ammo for your guns, health packs to make you feel good again, and grenades to cause massive destruction.

My thoughts
I think what I like the most about this games is the new approach to line of sight. Jazzuo invented his own technique to accomplish this. Some of the graphics could have used some work. I wasn't very fond of the title screen for one thing. The music was a bit repetitive. The gameplay is solid, there are no bugs (that I found), and I still play this game from time to time. If it was a bit more polished it would have received a 10 for sure.

Tapeworm pointed out to me that though it is violent, Jazzuo did a good job in actually making shooting people disturbingly realistic.

Download Action Maze (EXE, ~1.9 MB , Content warning )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.08.25 The HammerHead
Rating: 6

Great job on the shadows. I am impressed with how realistic it made the game feel. I am all for that shadow stuff, but I hate to say that the small view plus the hard controlling made the game just a bit too difficult. Therefore I give the programming a 9 and the playability a 4. I'll give it an average of 6.
2007.09.11 Jayant
Rating: 10

Great game, I love playing it, I suggests its a great game.
2007.01.16 HaloGeek117
Rating: 4

what i dont like is when the enemies start all gaggin and choking. it's just compleatly pointless. its just put there 2 show off the violence in ur game. also the ppl sprites r weird. gameplay is not bad, though.
2006.12.14 mojomonkey2
Rating: --

ummm... cool game nice shadow affect,overall cool game bum um... the death sounds are kinda disturbing.
2006.06.23 virus616
Rating: 7

Before you load up this game I recommend you turn the sound up real loud. You see.... the game sound is kinda lowa nd hard to hear.... Hehehehehehe.......
2006.06.23 virus616
Rating: --

It funny. The guy's dead but he keeps on moanin' hahahaha
2006.03.19 txzam
Rating: 8

kind of hard to control but i love how you made the shadows
2006.01.01 )H( Games
Rating: 8

very cool game. the shadows are very cool but i dident like how hard it is.
2005.10.29 Wommelbammer
Rating: 1

This isnt very good... it sucks! This game bored me to death! Add more to it... or change it so it isnt so friggen hard!
2005.10.26 Keegames
Rating: 4

This game is bad. The idea is nice, but it has lot's of not-nice elements.
First of all the sound. Its hell. I stopped playing because i couldnt hear those fake-recorded-by-yourself-dying-sounds anymore. Too long, too much.
The graphics are bad too. The shadow thing is nice, i must admit. But the cone of sight is too small. Then the walls...ugly and why didnt you painted some sci-fi-thingy where the dudes come out? Instead of that same stupid wall spite.

Gameplay is quite ok, but could be improved. I hate to get stuck in the walls and thats just what happends here. Also some mousepointer would be nice.

And the result is a game wich bores quite fast. Shame, cause it could ve been alot more...
2005.08.11 -POOP Entertainment-
Rating: 7

This game is good but you could of done alot of things to make it better. The shadows are really cool, how did u do that? You should make a second one and change alot of things...pretty much like a different game but still a shooter.
Nice game.
2005.07.14 bjbfeline
Rating: 9

This game was really awesome! I did find one bug though. When you move the mouse straight up, the guy aims in a bunch of different directions. That gived the enemies a major advantage. The music and sounds were great and made me think of Max Payne 2 meets Donkey Kong Country 3. I really wish I knew how to aim with the mouse!
2005.04.14 mb01
Rating: 8

icepick! what the hell? givin it a four?!!
i say at least 8!!!
2004.10.27 icepick1992
Rating: 4

oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2004.10.18 Seal
Rating: 7

XD This game is hilarious. Especially when the people die. Good job. :P
2004.10.13 candc32
Rating: 8

2004.04.07 destructia
Rating: --

Very well done game, I like how the shadows are done!
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