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Game Maker Games - Abductors
Abductors by Smolkomotion

A UFO containing a drunk Alien fraternity "accidently" causes a huge explosion that
causes the asteroid belt between Mars and Earth to plummet towards the Earth.
Mankind faces a certain extinction! So the Aliens do the same thing that
humans would do in the same situation, they decide to abduct all the humans they
can and then sell tickets to a zoo. That way alien races from all over the universe can
laugh and throw peanuts at the last humans in the universe. Just think of all the
Intergalactic Moonshine they could buy with the ticket money.

Abduct the humans by using your tractor beam to bring them up to the UFO.

Defend the human's buildings so that they can flee from them and be abducted.

Watch out for the incoming meteor storm and the humans defense team.

Look for a secert ways to recharge your shields and tractor beam reactor!

Post your hi-scores online for the world to see

Has 15 levels a boss and multiple endings!


Arrow keys and WASD keys for movement of the UFO

Mouse aims

Left Click fires the UFO's weapon

Right Click activates the tractor beam

'P' Pauses the game

F1 for game info

Download Abductors (EXE, ~2.3 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.04.22 smolkomotion
Rating: --

Thanks, fixed the frontend user interface as suggested.

As far as I know no one has beaten the 15 levels and the main boss on it yet.
2006.01.28 mrscience
Rating: 6

Quite an impressive little piece of work. Impressive graphics on that title screen; the people in the game could use a little better animation though. On the title screen, I recommend making the menu buttons have masks of squares, that way the user doesn't have to take use the mouse so carefully to highlight and select them.

The gameplay itself is addicting. Its a clever concept and an awesome storyline. The only thing I would do to this game besides the criticisms above is add more to it; add other levels and perhaps a level editor if you're feeling creative, and add other challenges than just the meteors; perhaps the people shooting back at the spaceship? This game has a lot of potential; keep working on it!
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