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Game Maker Games - A war viewed from a satellite V1.1
A war viewed from a satellite V1.1 by Omnimedium studios
Here it is. I finally decided to make a version 1.1, though it's not TO big of a leap.
New features-
Updated sprites(including cities that grow when the population increases.)
And a different song of mine.

Download A war viewed from a satellite V1.1 (EXE, ~3.16 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.08.06 trose7
Rating: 7

Here's my review. I'm done with my noobish ways so It's not as good as the last.

Reviewed by : Tanner Rating: 7.1
A War Viewed from a Satellite
I canít really compare A War Viewed from a Satellite to anything Iíve ever seen. This is because off itís originality. No game Iíve ever played in gm was more enjoyable than this one. Unfortunately it was only that enjoyable the first time.
It starts you off with a rough intro. Not a good first impression which is usually important, but not in this case. It was like your old grandmaís face, it looked like a rotten apple that had been hit by a truck, but was as sweet as her old homemade ice cream on an old apple cobbler. The game was all about taking your soldiers into little towns across part of a map from a top down view and eliminate your enemy. Unfortunately thatís all you had to do. No story mode or anything. With that said, A War Viewed from a Satellite is more cut out for a boring Sunday play that you donít always look forward too.
The graphics were much better than the intro. I can actually say without fear of being attacked by the reviewers on Gmg that it had some good graphics. They fit with the style of the game well, giving it an army like feel. There was a small animation bug however. When you sent men from your base to one directly beneath it, the soldiers ran into the base they just left instead of avoiding it. But overall he scored pretty well graphic wise. I mean, how hard is it to make graphics that look better than a hairy back mole?
The sounds in this game were nothing flashy, no big deal. They were better than your grandmas singing, and definitely better than your grandpas, but nothing that stood out or drew you in.
Overall, I have to say this is a game very much worth playing. It could really use a story line, or an online mode. With both a story and an online feature it would be safe to say it would be the greatest Gm game made, but alas he failed in both. Itís still worth a download, and I recommend a download, but donít expect more than an enjoyable play, and a deletion to save space on your hard drive.
2007.01.15 trose7
Rating: --

ok thanks for fixing..............
2007.01.14 omnimedium
Rating: --

k, bugs fixed. Now when the enemy soldirs walk outside of the room, they are destroyed. I thought I had made it that way, but when I looked at the file, I saw other wise, so I fixed it.
There was already an ending in te game(nothing spectacular), but since, before, the guys weren't being destroyed when they left the room, there were always some left, so you could never TRUELY win, but like I said 'I fixed the bugs'.
2007.01.13 trose7
Rating: --

there's another little problem after defeating all enemys and winning theres no message or highscore table add am point system please
2007.01.13 omnimedium
Rating: --

Thank you, I'll update this file with the bugs
fixed within a few days.
2007.01.12 trose7
Rating: 10

A VERY!!!! good game! Addicting yet simple. Only one glitch. as the game progressed the enemy sent men off of the map making the game go slower ansd slower until it stopped. I'm getting more games from you!
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