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Game Maker Games - A war viewed from a satellite V1.0
A war viewed from a satellite V1.0 by Omnimedium studios

Download A war viewed from a satellite V1.0 (EXE, ~2.89 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.10.24 omnimedium
Rating: --

I now have some news on the new version of this game. It's in the news page of www.omnimedium.com.
2006.10.18 darthguy3
Rating: 8

ok. you might could make more advanced plyers though. maybe a soldier with a gun, and when they fight and one get splashed to blod and one keep walking we could hear some yells and gunshots to initalize that the two armies fight.
2006.10.17 omnimedium
Rating: --

My website www.omnimedium.com has a news page, and will be updated when I release the next version of this game.
2006.10.15 darthguy3
Rating: 8

thank you i really appreciate that you will keep on making this game, i really look forward to see it finished. and if possible could you might notify me somehow when you are done?
2006.10.13 omnimedium
Rating: --

Thanks for the good ideas, I will definately work on them.
2006.10.13 omnimedium
Rating: --

And think of a better name. lol
2006.10.11 darthguy3
Rating: 9

i like this game it's pretty cool. you should work further on it, this could really be something.
2006.10.11 darthguy3
Rating: 9

since this game is super cool, and i would like to see it be worked on more i have some suggestions that you might should add.

1.lands should be like cities not just grey dots. same when they are posessed by a team.

2.a multiplayer function where you but the blue team controlled maybe like worms so they start with one guy conquer a land maybe skip some turns to grow people and then plyer 1 and 2 have one turn each per round to move or skip jsut like worms.

if i get more ideas i'll tell you, and plz work further on this game, besies when you work more you maybe can find a more proper name for it ;)
2006.10.02 omnimedium
Rating: --

Ok, The gm6 file is now released
2006.09.28 koreans99
Rating: 8

can u poste a gm6 file?.......
2006.04.11 omnimedium
Rating: --

I have noted that when I said 'Ha, yes it is
'Google Earth'' the number of times this game was downloaded dropped drastically. Mabey it has dropped because of different reasons, but just in case I thought I might add: though it is a 'Google Earth' image, it is still the in-game graphics.
2006.04.01 Filmmaker3000
Rating: 9

looking at that picture i'd say thats a pretty sick game!
2006.04.01 z4000
Rating: 7

Um... just saying that is a google earth picture.
The game was fun but not that fun. It needed some more controls.
2006.04.01 omnimedium
Rating: --

Ha, yes it is'Google Earth'.
Any suggestions for more controls?
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