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Game Maker Games - 3D Snake
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Review by Bitmappity
I'm not exactly sure how many snake games are in the archive, but it probably isn't that hard to find one. 3D Snake, an isometric version of it's great-grandfather Snake, is not only one of the better Snake games made with GM, but is also a great improvement of the original.

If you've ever played Snake, then you'll notice that the gameplay hasn't changed much. The objective is still the same. 3D Snake does introduce a new game type, though, called "survival." In survival, the game doesn't wait for you to get the apples so it can make the snake longer. Your job is to see how long you can slither through the level without running into anything. The new game mode adds new life and replayability to the game. Fun fun fun.

The graphics, as you'll notice, are the real improvement here. The colors are vibrant and the shading really gives you an isometric feel. My only gripe about the graphics, is that all the objects are cubes. This includes the snake, walls, and the apple. This does not take away from the gameplay, so it is not a big problem.

The music in the game has a techno beat to it, which is a great compliment to an arcade game. There are no sounds to the game, but I don't think you'd be able to hear them anyway with the music.

If you don't like Snake and never will, this game is not for you. But if you're fond of Snake, or just arcade games in general, then this is a great improvement over the original. The new graphics, combined with it's new survival game mode, makes this game one you should check out.

Some good things:
- Colorful, isometric graphics
- New, fun, game mode
- You can adjust the speed of the snake
- Good music

Some bad things:
- Only four playable levels
- No level creator
- Too many cubes!

Author's Description

You can't have missed the most fun and addicting game that came together with mobile phones back in the days, Snake.

Well, here is a remake, in isometric style 3D. Guide your snake through various levels, hunting for apples, which makes your snake grow.

This time it also features a special mode called Survival. Here it's all about living long enough. There are no apples, instead your snake has no maximum length, so some smart tactics are needed to land on a good score.

Have Fun!

Download 3D Snake (EXE, ~1 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.08.28 Aidan12
Rating: --

All I got was an error, so I couldn't play it.
2008.07.28 The HammerHead
Rating: --

Good job on the 3D perspective. I wish your steering were easier though.
2006.05.20 20X6
Rating: --

you cant even steer in all directions+the rooms are too small, make it so you can steer up,left,and down so i can play it
2006.01.26 Forsyth_88
Rating: --

Thanks a lot Notalot. Maybe I should do some sort of follow-up to this game. :)
2005.11.06 nota1ot
Rating: 10

Thank-you Forsyth_88 for

a. not making your game a 1945 clone
b. not rating yourself 10
c. making a game that actually kicks ass!

I am Notalot, don't listen to the name next to the ten.
2005.08.01 Forsyth_88
Rating: --

You're welcome ^_^

What did you think of the game by the way? ^_^
2005.07.31 LegoCrazy1
Rating: --

I figured out the problem. When ever i extracted it. It only extracted the program and not the other files. Thanks!
2005.07.29 Forsyth_88
Rating: --

Are you sure that you have all the files in the same folder? There should be:
3D Snake.exe
1 (Media file)
2 (Media file)
3 (Media file)
4 (Media file)
and jbfmod.dll

Make sure all files are in the same folder. When I downloaded the game now all files where included. Try downloading again if you miss some file.
2005.07.26 LegoCrazy1
Rating: --

Im having a problem running your game. It says error running external function for object options. Please help.
2005.06.23 Dr_baconman
Rating: 10

Aaaahahaha! Haha! I tell ya, the game's got potential! It's a great remix of the old one, but I'm not much of a Snake fan to start with, hance my 8... BUT! The game's programming and engineering was superbly done! In fact, the best stuff I've seen anywhere! I swear, you could be a pro! Hahaha!!! But! There was one problem that would keep this game from going on the store shelves! MUSIC. It was great, con't get me wrong but to be sold, games need original musio, unless they have authorized usage permission. Of course, if you have that, then forget everything I just said...
Yeah. I think I forgot what else to say...
2005.06.12 gamefanatic
Rating: 9

This game is very fun and its a classic it will keep you playing for a while.
2005.02.25 Forsyth_88
Rating: --

Wow! Thanks a lot for the feedback. There are actually no sound effects in the game. I had some during the development, but they didn't match in very well with the music. As for the game boards.. I never managed to get my snake THAT big. :D
2005.02.23 stwstl5926
Rating: 9

It's about bloody time someone made a good Snake clone. I mean, I've been all over the bloody place looking for a good Snake game just like this one, and nobody has them. I have to agree also with Eeerie, because I'm sure he and I aren't alone with wanting to play this one again and again. Excellent job- here's how I rate this game:

Graphics: 8 / 10
Not really too much detail per say, that is, the objects were all cubes. No, this category gets an 8 for the simple reason that the designer used every available Game Maker function that applies to isometric games in order to make sure the game looked as colorful as it does. Nice job here, it's more patience than I have!

Sound/Music: 7 / 10
I liked the music in the game (It's so catchy!), but I did notice there were no sound effects, and if they were there, they were too easy to miss. It would add SO much to this game to throw some sound effects in there (but be careful of WHERE, because you don't want sounds going off TOO much).

Gameplay: 9 / 10
I never really have been that big of a fan of isometric controls. I always thought that the controls for an isometric game were always off no matter what, and yet at the same time, are the best they can be. Other than my own lack of coordination when it comes to a simple four-direction control, this game was easy to play. To add to that, there were no noticable bugs to affect your gaming experience. Good job.

Replay Value: 10 / 10
What else could I give a classic game like this!? I mean, this game could keep me going for HOURS. Great choice for a clone.

Overall: 8.5 / 10 (Rounds up to 9)
Very highly recommended. This game will never leave my hard drive, and I can see myself playing it periodically for the rest of my life.

Suggestions from the reviewer: There are only two things I would have done (or at least, attempted to do) with this game: 1) Add more sound and music variety and 2) Make the playing boards bigger. The better the music soundtrack, the more fun a game is to play (consider writing a DLL that will allow players to import their own MP3 library; I did that once, and it went over great even though the game itself royally sucked!). As far as the game board size goes, we all know that your snake will eventually get too long for the board if you're good at the game, so the bigger the playing field, the longer a round can last! Anyway, excellent job with this clone; I had a lot of fun rating it!
2005.02.22 Eeerie
Rating: 10

Very cool game, and so addicting. I will really re-play it, again and again and again!
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