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Game Maker Games - 3056
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Review by Malaika
Okay, somebody grab a notepad and start making a tally... How many Space Invaders/Galaxian clones have been made using gamemaker? Okay then, two notepads. You see my point. I think you will find it's difficult to write an original review for a hundred games that are all, basically, the same. That said, there is nothing particularly WRONG with 3056. Its just 20 years too new...

For a Space Invaders clone, I was actually impressed with the graphics. Some of them are quite intricate, although I'm not sure whether they were ripped or not - there were no names in the "credits" menu. I loved the explosions, though I think they were taken from the resource packs. On the whole the graphics were simple, effective, and balanced. They worked well together, and there were no conflicts (of course, with code that size that is quite understandable).

Once again, I need to report with a bleak tone on the sound quality. It seems that every time I write a review, particularly for Space Invaders clones, the only thing I can say about the sound is... There is none. So it sucks. And, with my hand over my heart... i have to say... about the sound in 3056... There is none. So it sucks. I honestly think the addition of some simple sound effects, and maybe some soft background music would truly make all the difference for 3056.

The gameplay is a bit of a mixed bag. The code for it is fairly obviously directly ripped from 1945 in the Gamemaker Tutorials. So if you've played that, you've played 3056. As far as being a Space Invaders clone goes, 3056 has some "nifty new" features... That is, it has a health bar, bosses and the ability to move back and forward as well as side to side. See, I've always wondered why they didn't put that in Galaxian... Now I know. It adds a whole lot of NOTHING to the game (although it isn't necessarily bad, just pointless to remake Space Invaders with useless extras). The other thing about 3056 is that it fails to address probably the biggest issue with the original games. See, Space Invaders was great. It was a totally revolutionary product. But people only played it because the only other thing to play was PONG... 3056 - like Space Invaders - is outdated, slow, and ultimately... Boring.

Adding some newer features to the game would spice it up a bit, like powerups. It could even have break-out style powerups - larger/smaller ship powerdowns/ups, extra/faster/MORE guns... And one more thing I personally don't like about 3056 (I don't know whether anyone else agrees... Probably not, as SI clones tend to do this a lot) is the HEALTH BAR... It takes away any and all skill from Space Invaders, being able to get hit and still survive. That was sort of the point of the game.

To sum up, 3056 isn't a bad game, in the same respect that Space Invaders or Galaxian aren't bad games. But 25 years down the track, this little thing called "Evolution of the computer game" has taken hold. Space Invaders is no longer a revolutionary title. Its just boring.

Really though, don't take this review to heart. If it's a Space Invaders game you are looking for, then 3056 might just tickle your... fancy... But otherwise, there are other fish in the gamemakergames archives.


Download 3056 (EXE, ~0.8 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.02.04 pyrotoz
Rating: 5

I guess it's OK. Very slow paced though. Needs sound as well. Not bad for a 2nd game.
2004.12.22 KonkerGames
Rating: --

I would like to say, that no code was ripped, and the graphics where drawn for me, but this person did not want to be(strangely) included in the credits. Also, this was my 2nd game.
2004.08.15 bob799
Rating: 7

Just because this game isnt all that original doesnt mean it deserves a low score I think a 3.66 is too low. I Rate this game a 7 because its good.
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