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275 by Tipp
A game about concentration.

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Overall: not recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2011.04.30 oicu81shoe
Rating: 1

You know what? I just made an account so i could post a comment on how I HATE YOU FOR MAKING THIS A SCREAMER!!!!!! WHY WHY!!!!
2011.03.21 Tipp
Rating: --

to be quite honest, i made this game for two reasons. one, this idiot person challenged me to make a game using two sprites, so i thought, what the hell, i'll do that i suppose. it's not really meant to be a serious responsible game, but rather, just something to show the beforementioned idiot person that i could make a game in two sprites. oh, and also to make people dizzy.
2011.03.19 vacio
Rating: 6

hey, tipp! i have play all your games in of the "a game about..." series. they are all very good except for this one. this one is the worst. i past the whole game, 3 minutes in i didn't get a seizure but i started to cry. i didn't even wipe my eyes to not lose the game. i lasted like 10 minutes so that at the end you could end the game in the worst way possible...

the end scared me it was one of those screamers images. why would you do this? that is mean, it doesn't make you a bad developer but it makes you a bad human being to your core! to take advantage of my attention of after i trust you with it when i could have used my time in more productive things than playing your disrespectful game!

like all your games before it it was also good... very stylize an d engaging but in the next game after this be more serious and responsible...

ok Tipp?
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