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Game Maker Games - 2128:Awakening
2128:Awakening by CJ
Just weeks after the incident on the colony, Lieutenant Jefferson and the Commander are entering the parameters of earth, expecting relief from the hellish nightmare, only to find their worst fear spread throughout the planet...with the survivors scattered and few in number, and the only hope of escape guarded by a mysterious aquaintance, they embark on another search, but this time much more than a single colony's fate is at sake... Fight through various environments, from space cruisers to grasslands,deserts,city landscapes and more to recover the vast surroundings held so dear and for the human race's survival. As in the first game, there are 4 weapons, melee attacks, and grenades, however, now there are vehicles available, new enemies, new controls,and a much more difficult journey than before...therefore i present "2128:Awakening", the sequel to "2128" to you. Good luck. --------------------- I Recommend your computer be at least 2 GHz or faster and at least 256 MB RAM or more for optimal performance.

Download 2128:Awakening (EXE, ~3.9 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.10.08 steelerzsuckcj
Rating: --

sorry about that, i reuploaded the games. the link is brand new now
2007.09.21 xtreme0ninja
Rating: 10

i am just mad now. both these games say 'file not found'. grrr... ill rate it 10/10 anyways cause it looks and sounds like a good game.
2007.08.20 steelerzsuckcj
Rating: --

Just replaced the broken link. The game's downloadable now. Keep an eye out for the third game :). It's better than both of these.
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