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Game Maker Games - 2128: Elite Combat
2128: Elite Combat by CJ
It is the year 2128...and mankind is at war against the largest army of collective species in the galaxy-the Alhareans, turning the colony of Eora into a wasteland of a battlefield. Little does either side know, that within the infastructure of Eora lies a dark secret, waiting and luring them towards it to be unleashed upon them... In this TPS game, you play as Lieutenant Jefferson, a marine veteran sent to suppress the Alhareans outer-colony of Eora. Fight alongside your fellow marines, tanks, air support and use 4 different weapons, grenades, melee attacks, and even some vehicles to get the advantage on the battlefield. Battle amongst over 7 different environments and journey throughout the planet towards victory, using whatever means neccessary. If you liked games like HALO, you'll enjoy playing this just as much. Game includes a practice mode, (sort of like multiplayer, except just with AI-programmed computer bots) to get used to the controls and game. The game has good enemy AI, making sure that you won't be able to breeze through without any action. Also, the game includes a save/load checkpoint feature to save your progress. The first in a series of "2128" games, being followed up soon by "2128: Awakening", which will be realesed by about september or earlier. Hope you enjoy. If you have any comments/complaints/reports on any glitches or such just please don't bother whining and wasting your time, just let me know and I'll fix it ASAP. ~~~~System Req: 600mghz/128MB RAM~~~~ Just noting, all sprites, sound effects, backgrounds, designs, and screenshots have been created from scratch by me, HOWEVER i will note the music was aquired from vgmusic.com, so i would like to advertise to all game makers out there of that source. Once again, hope you enjoy and dont be afraid to contact me if you have any questions. -----CJ-----

Download 2128: Elite Combat (EXE, ~3.32 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.12.10 steelerzsuckcj
Rating: --

Yeah generalwolfe sure i can help you, so I put together a quick weapon switching and movement example. just copy and paste this address to the address bar.
,but if you need any more help just ask me and i can add in something else.
2006.12.08 generalwolfe
Rating: 5

I liked your game. The blocks and things should stop the bullets. I would like it if you could help me with my game. I need to know how to make weapons you can switch to and how to make your close combat attack. Also moving side to side i dont know how to do that
2006.08.27 demon_monkey
Rating: 6

The controls need a little getting use to. for improvement I would say that the blocks should block bullets, the ground could definatly match where you are better and the level where your flying around in a jet could of been better if they where shooting at you or if you made it so you had to protect something from them. I had fun playing this game just polish it up a bit more and it'll be great
2006.07.28 steelerzsuckcj
Rating: --

Need commentz ppz tell me what ya think need feedback for things to add in the sequel.
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