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Game Maker Games - 20XX
Review by Bitmappity
20XX is a great, fast paced scrolling shooter that takes no skill to play.

This game is your typical scrolling space-shooter... it's not very hard to find a game like this one in the archive, this being one of the better ones. You fly in your spaceship, shooting laser beams and other flesh-destroying particles at enemies. When I started the level I was instantly reminded of shatter, with all of it's particles and lasers flying around the screen.

I found this game to be very fun and fast-paced. There's enemies and other goodies which you'll find in this game, which definatley adds to the fun. The obstacles and enemies are interesting. From fire balls, to explodable lasers, there wasn't really anything left out.

Most of the graphics looked like they were ripped from some popular space-shooter game, which is a downside. Otherwise graphics weren't a problem. As for the sound department there's pretty much only the music, the laser sound, and the explosion sound. Although none of these sounds got annoying or anything, It seems like there should have been more.

There are a few problems with this game, but they don't outweigh the... non-problems. Here are some highs and lows:

+ Great, fun fast paced action.
+ Lots of enemies with interesting weapons.
+ Good graphics and particles.
- Needs more powerups.
- Graphics look ripped.
- Needs more sounds.
- Too short.

A fun game overall, and a must try for the scrolling-shooter enthusiast.

Author's comments:
Fast paced space shooting action! Shoot at different enemies and survive to get to the boss. Three levels, lots of explosions. Short, but EXTREMELY challenging, especially the last level. Download now!

Download 20XX (EXE, ~3.2 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.08.12 alexxzius
Rating: 6

now relly i spent more time downloading this game with my modem (3.3 KB/sec) than playing it. Also its too easy once you realize that every bullet that the enemy throws at u can be destroyed. Bet you can put something heavy on the space bar, walk away, come back in 5 min, and see the game over message.
2 more things: the screen is narrow like u in a tunnel and once u are killed all your powerups dissapear (except i think there are only two powerups).
sorry for thrashing this game.
2006.05.18 FreakZoner Edgar
Rating: 10

Good and challenging, like a shooting game should. Gameplay is well done. SPOILER ALERT: I like that last battle in the last battle in which you had to destroy BOTH bosses from the last two stages. One thing tho: The game is too short and kinda leaves me wanting to play more. Oh well, at least it has some good gameplay
2005.02.13 pyrotozzer
Rating: 1

I think that the link is broken. Please could you fix it so i can try it.
2005.01.21 bilaboy
Rating: 10

Yo man this game is verry cool but how did ye ripped the sprites? There is a program? what program? please help me
sorry for my eanglish
2004.12.23 supermario89
Rating: 10

wow this game was REALLY GOOD one of the best gamemakergames ever played
2004.12.22 Atlas
Rating: 10

Pretty cool! It's got a nice arcade-type feel to it.
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