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uin uin by biggt

Biggt has received plenty of praise, as well as a good deal of criticism, for his past series, La La Land. Though the series lacked conventional game play elements, it did have one thing many Game Maker developers skip, and that's substance. The series had, it seemed, meaning. Something that a lot  . . .

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Hero Core by Ultimortal
Mr. Kitty's Quest by pgil
Boxes by Twenty3 Games
Dingbat by Mu6502
Passifism 2 by Deliriant Entertainment
The Black Hole That Wants To Eat Me by Greyson Wright
FKR2 by NALGames
The Adventures of Pumpkin Toes by Charlie Carlo
Paulson Jallock by Twinsoul
Dungeon Of EEEvil by John Baker
StopHappyMonsters by QOG
Au Sable by Amon26
Passifism by Carefree Games
MicroPacifist by QOG
Spelunky by Derek Yu
Note Ride by block0man
Assassin Blue by Banov
Ceramic Shooter by Theta Games
The Moonkeeper by pgil
Techno the Hedgehog by TechnoSuperguy
Abandoned by JaJ
Bridging the Gap by Erik Leppen
Rat Cave by JTR (Alias Jack Swift)
Deep Magic by Excalibur
Sworrd Buster by Andrew Brophy
AstroMoonDoom by QuiteOddGames
Raiders of the Pharaoh's Tomb by Brian Gardiner
The Eyeballs by EasyBeak
Return to Sector 9 by Pug Fugly Games
Ice Martians by Richie Brown
RDX - Rectangular Demolition eXplosive by Blaat and Robert Geers
Rainbow Sugar Go! by masterfulcat
Fred the Pea by Nathan Williams
isovaders by Mu6502
Glum Buster by CosMind
GOFOR10000 by stampede
Mission Extreme Remake by Deadheat
Skullpogo by The Proper Undead
Johnny 20: Magikk by Sparlatacus (PG Games)
Robbie Swifthand: The Orb of Mysteries by Nick Larin (scream681)
Jumper Three by YoMamasMama
Sushi! Waxy's Sushi Party by Srehpog
Virtual Silence by Virtanen
Pro Killer Man by Jan Willem Nijman
Seven Minutes by Virtanen
Forward Always Forward by Jph Wacheski (Iteration Games)
Apple Harvest by F.S.
Constellation by Zhou Xuanming
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