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Game Maker Games - Ambush in Sector 9
 Ambush in Sector 9 by Pug Fugly Games
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Review by darthlupi
Game Description

Do you remember the classics? The games that kept you popping quarters into those arcade machines to see if you can get just a weeee bit more than that one guy who some how got 1,000,001 points?

This is one those quarter swallowing devils. You are a space pilot in the middle of the void just a cruising along, and next thing you know BAM! AMBUSH!

Game Play

You control your ship with the arrow keys to move around the level, and you use the 1 and 2 keys to rotate your ship. This gives the shooting action a level of control that the old school shooter seldom did. Similar to Time Pilot the enemy attacks from all directions in increasing larger harder to stop waves.

The ship is constantly firing which allows you just concentrate on your firing.

How do you survive through the ambush? Well, don't. How do you get stand a chance of lasting more than five seconds? POWER UPS! This game has some of the coolest power ups that I have seen in a while. They range for a laser cannon that aims for you to a spreading weapon that circles and swirls across the screen. There are so many little weapons to get that you find yourself giggling in evil glee when you see your fave power up bounce across the screen.

The game play is smooth as buttery silk, and I can tell that I will be playing this one from time to time.

My Thoughts

Fun. This game is fun. I love it. I want to play it more, but I fear that my boss will come in my office and call me a kid for playing video games. A windowed mode would rock. HINT HINT.

Any way, this game is stellar. Very pretty little graphics, and simple controls. The fact that the ship is always shooting take away one of the worries of controlling the ship, and it allows you to just kill or be killed.

The action is so fast paced that it'll leave your palms sweating for one more go.

The presentation is perfect to me. If this was more than a quick arcade romp I would give a full ten!
Too much fun.

Author's Description

An addictive and colorful shoot 'em up. With awesome powerups and intense action, you'll want to have this one on your desktop for a 10 minute blast now and again!

Download Ambush in Sector 9 (EXE, ~1.1 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Ambush in Sector 9

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.12.13 blaucomelmar
Rating: 9

All about the game has in fact already been said, but... excelent work, and a really addictive experience.
Keep it up!
2007.11.03 phoenix0
Rating: --

This game is great! It takes forever to get old!
2007.11.03 phoenix0
Rating: 10

I forgot to rate it! It gets a 10 from me!
2007.09.24 homadomy10
Rating: 9

Wow! Not exactly an original game, but it has been executed much better than most games with this idea.

This is obviously a mini-game, and programming would mostly be fairly easy to do, but as the review states, this is just one of those nickel-eating arcade games.
2007.05.25 Legendary
Rating: 9

Probably one of my favorite GM games ever. Great job with this game.
2007.05.20 Deeje
Rating: 10

I have to say this is the best arcade shooter I've ever played. Beautiful graphics, fitting sounds, and seamless gameplay.
2007.01.31 LordMetroid
Rating: 7

SO...VERY...ADDICTING. Took me around 20 tries JUST to get above 10,000. I got 10,050. :) I don't really like some of the sound effects. The *poit* and *ping* sounds from the enemy ships can get annoying, but it's still pretty good.
2007.01.27 Midnight Slayer
Rating: 9

that's an awsome game
but there's one problem
the controls are awkward, and that takes
the fun out of it
2007.01.05 rabid squirrel
Rating: 9

First times I played I died before 3,000 - Whoa its hard!!! But I couldn't stop!!!!!!!! I just kept trying again and again!!!!!!! It's like every time I die it makes me want to play more!!!!!! I lose track of what is going on around me and keep automatically pressing space to play it again and I don't know why!!!!!!!

In short, the most addictive GM game I have EVER played. I agree it should definitely be spotlighted. Also, the powerups added a huge bonus to the fun of the game. (As darthlupi said)

VERY original and inspiring - the only reason I gave a 9 is that it could use more depth and length... (*cough* sequel *cough*)

Possible Improvements:
1. A little easier a first would be better
2. Enemies in more varieties, bosses and such
3. A bug - sometimes I would get 'stuck' and my computer acted like I was constantly holding down a certain button - like I was constantly rotating one direction and couldn't stop until I lost all my lives - and this happened on two different computers. Did this happen to anyone else?
2006.11.21 jer903
Rating: 10

WHOAH!!!!!!!!nice work pug! =)
2005.12.18 Farn
Rating: 8

Pretty good. This game is great but a little to hard I think. I'm not good at this type of game though.
2005.11.30 staffan_strand
Rating: 9

I think it's a great game, really addictive. My current highscore is 170k something. There's one change i would like to see though, I think the player's ship should be a little smaller to increase the possibilities of dodging enemy fire. If you (the developer) have ever played TKKN, it's that feeling I would love to have in Ambush too!
2005.10.12 conspiracy cam
Rating: 9

Great game. You can pick it up at any time. So far hi score is 39000. Ranking 365
2005.09.08 Radnom Games
Rating: --

I won't give the game a rating, because it would be heavily biased on the fact that I couldn't get the controls. They were so confusing and uncomfortable, I couldn't really focus on the other aspects. It seemed fun, but it wasn't, I was too frustrated accidentally flying into enemies instead of turning.
2005.08.19 FutureMillennium
Rating: 10

This game is perfect! I'll be playing this forever! I love it!
2005.08.09 jmanjman47
Rating: 10

That Game was hard, I only got 5000 points at the most. I didn't like it. I still give it a 10 though cuz I couldn't make a game any close to that
2005.03.21 Diptiri
Rating: 10

This is one of my favorite games made with gamemaker! The best of the game is that it's original. There are few people who can make games with such fantasy.
2004.12.20 #19
Rating: 10

Fun game. I just keep playing and playing and playing it. Only thing that could be better is more upgrades more often. An upgrade that would give you a shield would be awsome. It's so fun just to ram your way through those aliens.
2004.12.16 Feet First
Rating: 9

Holey Moley. Is this game fun or what! It's the best arcade game I have ever played. I have no problems with the controls. It is original and fun. Really fun. I think the graphics are well chosen.
One problem is you die too quickly and it makes me punch myself for stuffing up. Maybe more llives would be better. Best thing about this game is you do not get bored of it for ages, it will probably be on my computer forever.
2004.11.25 Pug Fugly
Rating: --

Just to say, thanks for all the great feedback! Amazing really, this game was just an interesting little idea, and it's gathering quite a following - although there seem to be an equal number of people who don't understand it!
2004.11.10 butt
Rating: 8

I gotta hand it to ol' pugman. this game totally rocks though if you make a sequel, make it so that you have a limmited sheild.
2004.11.07 VGfox
Rating: 9

Simple controls, small download, lots of fun!
2004.11.06 GameMakinryan
Rating: 10

wow, i need the code for that homing laser man...do you think you could get it for me?! lol awesome game man, keep on making them (send me the code! Diablo862@aol.com
2004.11.03 Mocha Man
Rating: --

The controls are actually really comfortable and capable once you play a few times. If you're using a keyboard I don't see any better way he could have laid the keys out.
2004.11.02 redick
Rating: 6

Using the keyboard
worse kind, only a test!
No i m not able to navigate to win
and alive more then some seconds...
no i ll not play it again
nice view, sound fits but there is no time
left to play...
do you need a joystick to have fun?
i don t know how to play.
2004.11.01 Wolverine
Rating: 10

Easily one of the finest shoot 'em ups on any system and one of the best Game Maker games ever made. Superb action, good graphics and everything. I found the controls a lil awkward at first but then I used a Playstation joypad and had the shoulder buttons to rotate the ship and it feels great. Definetly a keeper.
2004.10.31 Synchronix
Rating: 6

I don't get why all of you are so excited about this game!
- The power ups are excellent!
- Submit your score to the internet. (however my highscore is 4000 or something)
- Particle effects
Could be better:
- The 'lag' when you die.
- Controls!

Overall, a nice game to play, but not one to but on your desktop.
2004.10.30 Zaron
Rating: 9

My favorite featured game EVER! Fast-paced, old-school, and FUN! Exactly what I look for when thew trivial redundancy that is modern gaming drives me up the wall. The graphics are good, the random fireworks sounds upon explosion amuse me to no end, and watching as I school my father at this is even more so. ^__^ Bravo!
2004.10.29 thesodamachine
Rating: 8

bwbode, there's only one level, so of course it's hard, silly. =p
2004.10.28 Mocha Man
Rating: --

Deeje, we agree. Spotlight'd.
2004.10.28 bwbode
Rating: 7

I liked, but i think it the first level should be easier... just to understand the controller better!
2004.09.15 Deeje the Great
Rating: 10

this game should be the MFn spotlight man!!! i love it soo much! i never tire of it!!! good job PF!
2004.08.28 smoofano
Rating: --

Wow! WOW WOW WOW! Amzing! This is what games are supposed to be like. So much fun! I'm just glad I don't have to pay a quater everytime I play it. Brilliant!!!
2004.08.24 TheSodaMachine
Rating: --

Uhhh......Yea....what Mocha Man said.
2004.08.23 Mocha Man
Rating: 9

I don't know why I didn't try this game earlier. I love it. The controls took some getting used to, but now that I am I love them. Only complaint is that the input isn't cleared between rooms, so if you're holding a key it will skip through the game over screen and the one following it. Very minor. This game is staying on my comp.
2004.07.27 jms143map
Rating: --

Pretty good,the only thing bad is when you move up the chararcter moves up not where it faces wah ta heck good anyway
2004.07.25 Beanjo
Rating: --

This game is completely awesome! I'll be coming back to this frequently. This is really a simple, addictive, and very inspirational game :)
2004.07.24 Lackey
Rating: --

Yes! Brilliant game! This is exactly the kind of thing I want to see more of. Pug Fugly's got a great idea for a control system and game mechanic, and has really made it work. I love seeing a shooter like this that makes full use of the entire screens. It reminds of intense Japanese style shooters, but with the action expanded to 360 degrees. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to beating my high score.
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