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Game Maker Games - SpoonPage
SpoonPage by darthlupi
Brutal war after brutal war has rendered the Galaxy broke and unable to fight any longer. Peace looks inevitable. That is until the mysterious Planet X, led by the evil Rear Admiral Fedge Packer, makes plans to unleash it's secret stock pile of war machines on the Galaxy in hopes of ruling all.

Where can man kind turn in their hour of need? Who will heed the call to put an end to all war?

Spoon Man and his main squeeze T and A. For a hefty fee that is!

Play the role of Spoon Man on his rampage through Planet X. Make money by destroying Fedge Packer's army. Spend that money on new cool gadgets and weapons. Zip through the cosmos with guns a blazing and rockets a blasting.

Download SpoonPage (EXE, ~5 MB )

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Opinions about SpoonPage

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2010.08.14 Charlie Carlo
Rating: 10

It's a shame the link no longer works, this was, perhaps, the greatest Game Maker game I had ever played.
2007.08.29 Pie_4
Rating: --

The page cannot be found. Plz fix.
2006.06.13 xtrememuffinman
Rating: --

broken link...and i was looking foward to playing this
2006.01.17 stevenup7002
Rating: 9

Ehh, Planet X? Reminds me of a game I made. Anyway, great game. 9.4/10
2005.01.13 black floyd
Rating: 8

This is great, but in one of the levels on the ice moon, there was a severe glitch where the cursor would not go to the right side of the screen.
2004.07.30 TheSodaMachine
Rating: --

One of the greatest freakin things Ive ever played.
2004.02.29 jazzuo
Rating: --

Spoon page is in my opinion wanderfull GM game. I uphold the most that a creator has pictured him self in the game. One thing is the humor in story. Darthlupi didnt use story as just a tool to make level graduation logical and little motivating, but he made it fun it self. The other thing is the original graphix. It is clean and nice lot of work went to it but again it has its own look and is not just a decoration or just something to make a game look polished.

only downfall of graphix was the explosion. I dont mind its the clasic gm explosion, but it disapointed me since very often many explosion could be seen at once and they looked exactly same. At least some size change, or some fliping next time.

sound 9
Sound fx were not extra interesting but most fitting. Music for levels and bosses that were chosen were absolutly great fitting to mood and slightly alternative

gameplay 9

This game has many gameplay included. Buying wepons, traveling in spcae from star to star. sidescrolingshooter when entering a star. Side view platform flighting shoodting, thats the main game. And bosses. The main side view platform fligh shooting is very nice, and the control is simple. The bosses are autstanding fun that is almost as some independent minigames.

Overall 9.3

overall point is higher then what u would calculate since the combination of all above is perfect and the story and humor of game as i talked about adds to the game some oint as well.
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