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Game Maker Games - Moon Hunter
Moon Hunter by darthlupi
My attempt at remaking the William's classic Moon Patrol while giving it a new perspective. Moon Hunter is a top down action game where you have to jump over moon holes while shooting tanks, rocks, and enemy flying saucers. Fun short game. BLAH

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.08.12 user_ferai
Rating: 4

I'm surprised by the high ratings given to this game. It is mildly entertaining, but the graphics are poor, the gameplay is average, and there isn't enough variety to keep you playing for more than 15 minutes. Definitely sub-par for Darthlupi.
2006.03.05 Jam.Inc Games
Rating: 8

I give this game high praise! Some parts of it were rather hard, and the game if you think about it is rather dull, but it has that feel to it that u wanna keep playing.
You did a good job.
I really don't like Magecraft, that other game you made, but this one is excellent!
How do you shoot? Some in-game instructions would be nice.
I give this game an outstanding 8. (well, not that outstanding but what the heck)
Don't forget to check my latest game, Wonderland
2005.03.12 ExtasSx
Rating: 10

HEY MAN NICE GAME! I know moon patrol is normally boring but i think you did a great job! I like the game, it;s a mindless game you can play when you don't feel like busting your.
2005.03.12 ExtasSx
Rating: --

Oh yeah include some instructions, you forgot to do that. not a lot of keys to use but still that really helps, also explain what you can shoot at and jump. a read me would be great.
2004.10.26 darthlupi
Rating: --

Yeah, I always thought this game sucked big time too.
It was just something made, so I figured I should put it up here with the rest. Nothing special at all.
2004.08.31 migileke
Rating: --

darthlupi, normally i like your games, they're all wonders, especially magecraft and raging skies, so i expected a lot of the game and i've been disappointed... because theres not much to do, just jumping and shooting a bit. i was already bored before i saw the first enemy
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