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Game Maker Games - Johnny's Odyssey
 Johnny's Odyssey by clysm (tapeworm)
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Review by Mocha Man
Like most titles by Sparlatacus (aka Bedmonster aka Secret Vacuum Cleaner aka PG Games), the appeal of the Johnny series comes not from stunning graphics or gameplay but from the sheer creativity and surreal atmosphere that is so strangely fun to explore.

Also, like most titles by Sparlatacus, you either love the Johnny series or you hate it. Or, in the case of Cooking Breakfast 2, you have a seizure.

Johnny's Odyssey is a Johnny fan game from the same programmer who brought us the GM classic Seiklus. It's loyal to the theme and style of the Johnny series, but the world and graphics are fresh. All you do is use the arrow keys to travel through an immersive surrealistic environment, armed with some sort of psychic eye-laser to thwart enemies. There is no plot, although there are definitely separate areas and a final battle. Certain elements in particular have been purposely preserved from the original series, such as the ability to hang on blocks with Johnny's long nose, and the lack of animation when Johnny moves.

Tapeworm uses a combination of soft background colors, particles that float as if underwater, and off-the-wall dreamlike music to create a quiet, surreal world for Johnny to explore. Much of the motivation to keep playing is simply to see what outlandish area you'll encounter next. This relaxing, dreamlike quality of the game is probably its strongest feature, possibly out-Johnnying the Johnny series itself.

Johnny's Odyssey is not a lengthy game, although it has a noticeable difficulty curve and evident level organization. I am strangely compelled to play through it every once in awhile, to savor the environment and listen to a certain song used later in the game. It is certainly worth the download if you are one who can appreciate Sparlatacus's style of creativity or tapeworm's polished environments.

From the author:
A fan game based on the Johnny series by Sparalatacus. Specifically, Johnny 2.

Download Johnny's Odyssey (EXE, ~3.4 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Johnny's Odyssey

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2007.01.20 Nerd-Man
Rating: 10

As with all of tapeworm's games, I love it.
I was reading the reviews and I was at first too scared to try it because of the hygiene song. Then I summoned up my courage and tried it.

Brush your teeth, comb your hair :)

Not as scary as I thought it would be, but the whole thing put together made for a pretty frightening experience. Everything about this game is really good, it's awesome... and to VGFox: The horrifying last boss... by its line do you mean the weird roar or the rythmic chanting of "teeth... teeth... teeth!"?
2006.06.10 Jabberwock
Rating: 10

Just so you know, this game, obviously, wasn't made by Spartlatacus, it was made by tapeworm. And it is one of the most divinely inspired pieces of video game genious I have ever played. Er... maybe that's going a bit far.
2006.02.19 Team Neo
Rating: 7

good game but how many freakin' Johnny games are you gonna make?
2005.08.08 Tinker Magoo
Rating: 7

It had Okay graphics,the songs were weird.

It was the best Jhonney Game
2005.07.14 TROPHYTAKER
Rating: 9

I love this game. It is a great tribute to the original Johnny series and now I beleive I may make my own tribute to these awesome games. The music was weird, if not somewhat eerie, and the graphics were fairly true to the original. Great work clysm/tapeworm. Try this game! It's trippy! Illicit hallucinogens anyone?
2005.07.06 VGFox
Rating: --

Scary. Just plain scary. When I first got to the rocket boot things I thought 'Phew, the scariness is over.' The hygeine song scares you at first because of the sudden change only, in my (proffesional) opinion. Last boss, line and all, HORRIFYING! I made a sacred vow that I probably wil never play this again. Still:
8/10: Kinda nice.
10/10: Does what it's supposed to. Freak you out.
10/10: Quite smooth.
All in all, I rate a
7/10. It loses 2 points for being so darn scary.
2005.06.07 Mattzite (mr_expositor 2)
Rating: 10

That was a tough ride trying to beat this game, but i managed to pull through it. I just hate it when the final boss talks about bathrooms and teeth, and the hygene song...(psycho music plays)
2005.06.02 Shattered Glasses
Rating: --

This game is awesome! Climbing with your nose and the musics are soo funny.
2005.05.27 sc(+)pe
Rating: --

im so fudgeing scared of everything now
2005.05.17 Dr_baconman
Rating: 6

Yoik. 'Fraid to say this, but however much the Gameplay was positive, many other things came out negative. Per se, I could not find any reasoning/story behind controlling a Big-Nosed guy with the power to shoot energy beams through countless machines and snowballs and such. Seemed pointless to me. Also, I often found that the nose got in the way. If something touched the tip of your nose, you lost health. Although it did provide a way to get up those blocks... which is just plain odd. Eh, what else.... Animation, as far as I could see, was nonexistant. Ergo, many sprites were quite boring. Finally there's the music. A bit of variation could have been used.
Now, don't get me wrong. I enjoyed playing it, but after the first 6-or-so many levels, it got old. Like I said, a bit more variation would've helped.
2005.05.12 Saq02
Rating: 9

your game is good, but the graphics feel just a tiddy bit too lame. But still none the less i reckon it deserves a high mark ^_^
2005.03.11 zemni
Rating: 8

I found Johnny's Odyssey to be a very intriguing game. The weird areas and dream-like music made the game very unique and, besides a few wall-climbing moments, bug free.
2005.02.18 ImSneaky
Rating: --

It's very simple RaWK HaWk.You have to shoot him as many times as possible.Then the game will go a little slow and then you will see four crappy graphics in the air.
2005.02.12 RaWk HaWk
Rating: 1

2005.02.05 ImSneaky
Rating: --

and one more thing.Tell me where to find 'Rupert & The Toymakers Party' song.
2005.01.16 ImSneaky
Rating: 10

I beat the whole game!!!It almost made want to :8 when I heard the hygiene song!
2005.01.14 black floyd
Rating: --

this is weird, I can't get past the missile launcher thing.
2004.10.16 JackRussel
Rating: --

Aww crap, I'm gonna get nightmares now after playing this game...
Darn that giant head which sings that creepy song about hygene
2004.09.27 The Red Mage
Rating: 10

This game is funny! I assume the giant boss head is the singing wierdo in the garden level.
2004.09.07 Rabidbolweevil
Rating: 9

Johnny's Odyssey is a simple platform game featuring a kid with a long nose who shoots fireballs. The character's sprite is not animated and his nose can get stuck in walls. These things are intentional, though. When put together into a game along with eerie background music (the bathroom song was equally as eerie as the other music), these elements produce a strange nightmarish effect.
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