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Game Maker Games - Jumper Two
 Jumper Two by YoMamasMama
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Review by Shaltif
This is one of the best platform games I have ever played. If you want a game that is easy to get into and hard to put down, then you need to check out Jumper 2.This is the sequel to the original Jumper, made by the same author. It comes packed with more action, puzzles, and surprises then ever before.

This is where the Jumper series shines. Jumper 2 starts off with some nice tutorial levels which tell you everything about the Jumper world and how to control the main character, Ogmo. The main object or goal is to get Ogmo from one level to the next by moving to the finishing position (like most platform style games). As always though, that is easier said then done. Each level is riddled with spikes, ice, falls, and other potential hazards to prevent any access to the exit. Make sure you've learned the new wall kick and skid jump maneuvers, as they are needed quite frequently.

As you go, the levels progressively get more difficult and more interesting. Getting far in this game requires that you expand, combine and stretch Ogmo's abilities to their absolute limits. Using Ogmo's moves and paying close attention to each level's layout is a key to achieving victory. Luckily for us, there are no life or time limits. Don't be alarmed if you die a few hundred times or if it takes an hour as your trying to get past a level (Especially the latter ones). Just keep at it and eventually you'll be able to move on.

Unfortunately, this is one of those games where you'll be playing the same level repetitively until you finally get to the exit. For those of you who easily get frustrated or bored by repetition, you may not care for this game at all. However, most people don't seem to mind this as much as to set it down and never play it again.

Unlike the original, this game has got some major upgrades when it comes to the life-span and replay ability of levels. In the original, the only objective was to get to the finish. That kept it really linear and once you were done, that's it. In Jumper 2, however, we now have crystals to collect, times to break, and secrets to reveal.

Once you beat a level, you can always go back and try to collect the two hidden, and usually hard to reach, crystals. The blue crystals are always visible and can be collected even on the first run of a level. After you complete a level with collecting a blue crystal, then you need to replay the level to collect the red crystal. The red crystal is usually at a harder to reach place than the blue one. These crystals are then used to unlock secrets. By collecting more crystals, more secrets are revealed to you.

Once you've got the crystals, what else is there to do? Why not trying to lower how much time it takes for you to complete a level. So you can brag about how quickly you accomplished a level or work really hard trying to beat other people's fastest times, and that's not even all of it. There are lots of secret items, game mods, art, stages and even skins to unlock. If anything, it's going to take quite some time for even the best player to complete this game.

Another nice addition which will soon be available is a level editor / creator that will allow users to create their own masterpieces to show off and enjoy. So there will always be some new levels to complete.

Now by today's standards, this game would probably get a very poor grade. However, the game-play and life-span take care of that. The graphics are all original and play well with the game's design. Mainly, it's the simplicity of the graphics that is appealing. Nothing here to go overly "wow" at but nothing bad either.

Most of the sound effects and some of the music seem to be ripped from other games. However, they are placed together nicely and really show their stuff. This is one of the few games that uses Midi for background music and I didn't mind it at all (I actually quite enjoyed some of it). The Midi hiccup can be a bit annoying at times, but the songs are long enough where you can usually finish a level before the song repeats.

Difficulty: Easy - Hard
This game is very easy to jump into. Anyone who can use the arrow keys on the keyboard should have no problems with the first few levels. However, it does get a bit challenging on the latter stages. Be prepared to die a few times here and there. As long as you keep working at the level, you will eventually advance to an even harder level.

My Comments:
Extremely well done and thought out. It comes with a large variety of levels and secrets which make it a long-lasting game (which I like a lot). An excellent sequel to an already well known game. I can't wait to see how this game unfolds as I haven't fully completed this game myself. If you haven't seen any of the Jumper games, then you need to get them now. You won't be disappointed.

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Opinions about Jumper Two

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.11.27 jasonfoxrox
Rating: 10

This is simply the best game that I've ever downloaded from this Website. I love the sudden increase in difficulty, and I love the originality and large variety of the enemies. Heck, I've played this game four times now and I still haven't gotten sick of it. Good work!
2007.08.02 sm_sm
Rating: 7

how is it possable to get the red gem in 5 the jungle!?

otherwise a good game
2007.07.05 Mikemaster
Rating: 9

This game just makes me want to come back for more and more. You slowly get addicted in the easy and medium-difficulty type levels. Then, you do one of two things: 1) You become a mindless zombie, performing the same thing over and over again until you get it, or 2) You hit your head against the wall 37 times. ITS GREAT!
2007.06.12 LunchRush
Rating: 10

100% completion. I eagerly await a third installment. YMM, you are my hero. You even beat out Mr. T.
2007.06.11 LunchRush
Rating: 10

Amazing game! 10/10 for sure. No matter what anyone says, the difficulty is perfect. Anyone ever get 100% completion? I'm at 97.5%
2006.10.14 Z_Games
Rating: --

Its me again, I just saw the end its disapointing because Ogmo dies, but the ghost helped him before to defeat the boss
2006.10.08 [XQG]Jeremy
Rating: 10

Hi, i am stuck at sector 3 stage 3... can somebody give me a save game or something???

nice game!
2006.09.30 Z_Games
Rating: 9

I DID IT TO THE TOWER, the most dificult level is 6-3 I passed it with 1534 deaths
But I have a question:
The music of sector 8 is from a Monkey Ball game?
2006.09.04 game_devil
Rating: 7

The best double JUMPER ever!!!
But the level's are a bit hard
2006.08.09 Spector__Killer
Rating: 9

I games that I can't beat but this is so addicting that I can't stop playing! Nice job (has any one got passed lvl 3.2?)
2006.05.29 AquaticPenguin
Rating: 8

I didn't managed to play too much because I got a bit too frustrated and left it alone. I found it a bit too hard but otherwise very well made.

It's more of a theorectical game rather than A full out shoot-em-up game and it is certainly very different from any others I have seen in the Archive. The graphics was quite good and I love the shape of the main character. sadly I couldn't hear the sound because my speakers don't work too well.

Probably one of the best gamemaker games I have seen so you get an 8/10

2006.05.19 LostOverThere
Rating: 9

Oh Yeah!
This is your best Game Yet YMM!
2006.04.13 jtcuth
Rating: 10

Easily the best game I've ever played! I bet he used GML, because It seems impossible for me to do with my Game Maker! If I could I would give it a 20,000!
2006.04.03 flyer express
Rating: 9

this is crazy fish doggy style sweet game
2006.04.01 Xamoc
Rating: 10

This Game is AWESOME!! The levels are very well made. But I'm Stuck at the ghost guy... Anyway, a great game
2006.03.09 ThrillSoftwares
Rating: 10

Oh god this game is so hard but it is the best made game maker game i have seen yet! i thought jumper was good but this... phwoar! hard time getting the gems though...
2006.01.06 rrrobyp
Rating: 9

Great game!! I keeped playing it until I finished the normal levels (I doubt I'll ever reach 100%). It was quite difficult (I died hundreds of times in some levels), but I enjoyed it! Very well made game (I like games with unlockables) and also very well made editor (I like games with editor, I'll probably try to make some levels...). That's a 9 from me (I hardly give a 10, but if you make a third episode even better than this...)
2005.12.31 ImSneaky
Rating: 9

This is a very excellent game, although very challenging. Some graphics are just plain good, the only character that I really thought was drawn simply was Ogmo. Very good storyline. I like the music, and the little hintboxes that can help you if your stuck. Note: Some of them don't help me at all. It loses one point for being so dang hard! Otherwise, gosh darn good game, and I hope you can make a trilogy. Just not so hard.

Keep trying!
2005.12.02 Frost Sabre
Rating: 10

This game has been on my hard drive for abouts 2 years, still not completed it... i'm now thurther in normal than easy!!
graphics: don't care
gameplay: easy to learn, hard to master
diffulicity: 15/10?
overall - i give it a ten!
2005.09.07 kirbycool
Rating: 10

This Is my Favorite game ever. Not just my favorite game maker game!
2005.08.23 Hootie hoo!
Rating: 10

Very cool! Very cool! It's gets even better when you go hunt for the source code and edit the game. XD

I agree with dmyer5. Make another!
2005.08.13 Forsyth_88
Rating: 10

This is, in my opinion the best GM game to date.
2005.07.19 Goombas Inc.
Rating: 10

O...M...GEEEEOOOOOOD!!!!!!! This kicks a__!!!! And the editor is outSTANDING!!!! (I can't get past lvl 3.2 :( )
2005.07.19 Goombas Inc.
Rating: 10

-sniff--sniff- (now I am crying) It's so wonderful!!!!!!
2005.05.29 Dr_baconman
Rating: 10

For some reason, I didn't get to post my vote #.
A 10!!! Woohoo!
2005.03.29 elmernite
Rating: 10

By far one of the best games made with gamemaker. I think it should have got higher than a 7.7. It falls just short of ten but i'm giving it a ten anyway because you don't have a 9.5.
2005.02.01 ShibbyHornet82
Rating: 10

This game was one of the coolest GM games ever. It had a lot of features that are hard to do glitch free, and the music and graphics rock. Awesome!
2005.01.23 dmyer5
Rating: 10

An absolutely incredible game! Please, please, please make a third.
2005.01.02 YGgamer
Rating: 9

This GAME IS THE BEST! I have never played such an addictive platformer since Mario. I give this game a 9 because it is a little hard. I even stayed up all night to finish beating the game. I LOVE IT. Hopefully another good sequal comes out soon.
2004.12.18 Feet First
Rating: 6

This game has one of the best level editors I have seen in a gamemaker game. But playing the game was extremely difficult and I found myself on level 1-5 with 100 s and I have not yet beat it. Not my type of game really. A bit boring but it has good graphics.
2004.12.10 PG Games
Rating: 2

Even worse than the original. Whats the point of this game, it is almost exactly the same as the first one with better graphics and a few improvements. I played the game for a while, but quickly stopped out of total boredom.
2004.11.19 davidolson22
Rating: 8

I could get the game to crash by doing a skid-jump then jumping again whilest in the air. The game play was solid, but too difficult for me.
2004.10.24 supermario89
Rating: 10

this game was realy good and the caracter was funny
with funny moves but the game is very hard! (:
2004.09.27 flyinghippo
Rating: 9

This is an amazing game. One of the best GM games I ever played. Funny, action packed, everything I like in a game. This is one of your best games ever (in my opinion), YMM.
2004.09.15 AndrewFM
Rating: --

Not every game is perfect, but this is probally the closest I've found to it.

Gameplay: 9.5/10
Smooth moving, nice programming with the skid jumps, wall jumps, ect.
big improvement from Jumper 1.

Replay Value: 9.3/10
Anyone would replay this game just for the heck of it or to get the rest of the unlockables.

Graphics: 9.0/10
Very simple graphics, but you know how to make those into wonderful things. I love the graphics, all the particle effect, and the paralax type effects, ect.

Music/SFX: 8.6/10
Not many sound effects, but too many sound FX ruin the game. You had not to many, and not too little sound effects. Perfect. Music, I sat there through the game tapping my foot, humming the music, and (I'm not kidding) you got some of it stuck in my head :p Very good. I love how you put in the mute, which increases your rating.

Difficulty: 9.4/10
Lots of games either make their games start out hard and steadly stay hard, make their game too easy, or increase difficulty too fast. You gradually and very smoothly increased the difficulty so that the difficulty increased at the same speed as the players skill level.

Other: (This dosen't get a rating)
- I love the enemies and obstacals. Lots of games have one or two enemies that are the same trough the whole game, never changing. You have new things each and every level adding to the addictivity.

-You got me drawing doodles of Ogmo and stuff like that on my homework papers, or while I'm sitting in school! Curse you! :p

-This is the best game for GM yet in my opinion! Keep up the good work!

Anyway, to the total score: I'd give this game a 8.7 Awesome game!
2004.08.07 ruhtrA
Rating: --

Man, this is one of the best games I've ever played.
I think this is commercial quality, and deserved 15 out of 10.
2004.07.18 ericdb
Rating: --


That's an absolute TRAVESTY! My own Bugworld scored 7.7 (and if I may say so, I think that's not far off), but this deserves a 10...or a 9.9 if you're into the whole
2004.07.15 Dr_Baconman
Rating: --

Easily the best game I've ever played! In spite of the weird characters, I truly feel ready to unlock more stuff every time (After I beat my pillow to a pulp from rage! Man, if the caves are this tough, how hard is the tower?) Level editor, scenarios, unlockables... Aaahh, everything I ever dreamed of doing in a game is right here! Love it!
2004.07.14 guzu
Rating: --

this game won't leave my hard drive
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