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Game Maker Games - Inframan
Inframan by Mike MacDee
The world is besieged by the evil forces of Draco, Princess of Serpents. Nations crumble under the boots of the numberless Draco Legion, and all seems lost. Humanity's only hope is a prototype super soldier created by the Chinese Science Apex organization codenamed "Inframan". Blessed with enough firepower to supply ten armies, one man stands between Draco's dictatorship and the future of the human race.

- Move and shoot in 360 degrees with WADS movement and mouse-aiming!

- Bombard your enemies with searing solar lasers and super-powered punches!

- Upgrade Inframan with deadly weapons like Shuriken Missiles, Infra-Blades, and Thunderball Fists!

- Battle through 8 impossible missions in 8 deadly environments: desolate canyons, icy caverns, robot factories, and even a volcano!

- Rescue civilians and destroy all targets...then get out of the area before it blows!

- Conventional lives and continues are gone: Inframan is invulnerable! But let his energy drain too far and his powers will fizzle!

- You get only one shot at each mission, and the clock is ticking! Succeed and the Draco Legion will go down in flames! Fail and the deaths of millions will be on your head...

Download Inframan (EXE, ~5 MB )

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