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Game Maker Games - Jayla's Labyrinth
Jayla's Labyrinth by Mike MacDee
Jayla was sitting in detention when the lights went out and the screaming started. She'd been sent to a safecamp by her parents with other children from her neighborhood while the adults back home dealt with a growing supernatural threat....never realizing the threat was targeting the children to begin with. Now isolated from the rest of civilization, Jayla is the last survivor of the safecamp takeover and must sneak and hide to find the way out. To survive she relies on the very skills that landed her in detention in the first place: her marksmanship skills and a penchant for making booby traps.

The third and most disturbing entry in the "rift" saga (Shudder and Beyond the Doorway being the other two), and my second and final entry for Competition06. In summary JL is a stealth / puzzle game with lotsa need for strategy and occasional need for shootin' skills. Like Shudder it has two difficulty settings: Normal and Frantic. Normal has a "fog of war" effect on every level, where the fog reveals new areas (and sometimes monsters) as you move from room to room. On Frantic the fog always obscures unseen areas, so you never know for certain where the bad guys are hiding unless they make noise.

Download Jayla's Labyrinth (EXE, ~4 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2010.10.20 Hal9000
Rating: 9

Really good!
I like the atmosphere you are able to create.
And "Jitterhead" was a very good monster idea!
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