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Game Maker Games - Human Cannonball
 Human Cannonball by forev
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Review by darthlupi
Game Overview
In Human Cannonball, you are a stuntman who is given several stunts to perform while being shot out of a cannon. The stunts range from a simple blast into a swimming pool all the way to bouncing off of a trampoline, rebounding off of vertically mounted cushion, and finally landing on the safety air pillow.

Game Mechanics
At the start of each level your mission objectives are clearly defined. With big, crisp instructional screens it is easy to see what you must do in order to complete a mission.After the mission briefing, you go to the actual game play. To successfully complete a stunt, you must first charge your cannon. This is accomplished by pressing the CTRL key twice. The first time starts the power meter, and the second time stops it. Once you have determined the power of your shot, you must then stop the cannon's rotation by pressing the space key to fire. There is also a wind factor that affects the flight of our brave stunt man.Scores are given based on the number of objectives met per stunt, and you also get extra points for splattering your body across the level if you fail. Because you get three tries per level, a good splattering just adds to the fun.

My Thoughts
I thought that this was a well constructed and well thought out game. The level of difficulty is just high enough to keep you coming back for more high-flying fun. The graphics are simple, and at the same lovely. They are a lovely low-color pseudo-isometric concoction that pleases the eye. The sounds and music fit nicely into the game to complete what is already an addictive little minigame. My only real gripe is that there are too few levels. I know that usually means that you just didn't want it to end, but in this case I completed all the stunts in about 8 minutes.If there was a stunt editor than this game would be virtually impossible to stop playing.If you are in the market for a nice trajectory based game with a bit of blood, then look no further.

Author's Description
this is human cannonball, a game where you fire a man across a city, judging wind strength/direction, angle and power in order to perform various stunts. points are awarded for each stunt you achieve, but also you are awarded splatter points, so if you miss your target, make sure you do it with style!warning: game contains bloody violence

Download Human Cannonball (EXE, ~2.3 MB , Content warning )

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Comments (Add your own):
2005.11.09 Quimp
Rating: 9

Definitively among my all-time favorite mini games. Give this concept a few more levels and I'd bow down to you Neverest.
2005.04.17 Re_jex
Rating: 9

This game is surprisingly addictive! The graphics don't always fit right but it is still addictive. The audience is always the same, a bit odd. It is very gory and bloody and addictive! I want a HUMAN CANNONBALL 2!!! with stunts to do in midair (twirl around) and splatter everywhere
2005.01.29 maxmon
Rating: --

Grrr it dosnt work not the link or the game GRRR put this game on ur new site please! (rock the pengiuins)
2004.11.20 interceptor
Rating: 8

Sometimes the controls seemed to work wrong, but, cool idea, nice graphics and funny sounds (the audience rocks!!!)
2004.08.23 gametroy
Rating: --

where do i go to download it??? both links don't work for me...
2004.07.11 beanjo
Rating: --

This game is way too much fun!
2004.06.12 skater4life48843
Rating: --

Ha Ha Ha this game is so funny and addictive!!! 10 out of 10. I wish there were more stunts though
2004.06.10 neverest
Rating: --

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