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Game Maker Games - Sullen
Sullen by Charlie
The object of this platform puzzle game is to get the king to the end each level.
Each character has his own unique ability which can be used in combination with others' in order to achieve this goal.

Music by Joshua Cianciulli

Download Sullen (EXE, ~5.0 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.08.06 LunchRush
Rating: 7

The general premise of the game is great, and the game is very addicting. The music gets slightly annoying, but not too much, and is a little too happy-go-lucky for the gloomy atmosphere. There is a distinct lack of polish, which is a shame, because this game actually may have something going for it. The characters seem a little too similar tho; all except the Runner move in exactly the same way. Variation makes for a break from boredom, and it was boring just resting my fingers on the keys, waiting for people to move where I wanted them to. There's no physics engine to speak of, which again is a shame. Level design is pretty great, slowly working up to levels that actually made me think, if only for a moment. Sadly, I only got to level 20something, as I was interrupted, and by the way, where's the save feature? A long game like this desperately needs one.

Nothing too challenging, innovative but not taken to its potential, and wtf the music?

7.5/10 for graphics, dark feel was very nice, but lack of polish and wtf backgrounds ruined the mood

3/10 for music, the one song was actually alright, but didn't match the game, and got pretty boring after a while, considering it's all there is.

8.5/10 for gameplay, you have something going here, but it's not polished, and the lack of variety/excitement makes it boring, but not enough to put it down.

Overall 7/10 would play again, if it had the save feature, and would thoroughly enjoy if it set a mood better, or had more variation in characters, or better/more varying music, or really all of the above. Far above a large majority of games here, regardless.
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