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Game Maker Games - Glum Buster
 Glum Buster by CosMind
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Review by tapeworm
In Glum Buster, a small shadowy flying character travels to different places to reduce the world's glumness.

In each area you visit, you first pass through a series of one-screen rooms. After solving the puzzles in these rooms, you release the force that seems to be keeping things dark and gloomy, opening up a wider area for exploration. These larger areas are where the game's design really shines.

Environments are varied and creative, and equally varied and creative are the play mechanics. I donít want to say too much about the things you encounter and what you actually do, because part of the appeal for me was discovering each new thing that the game has to offer. There are some scenes in particular that I found quite memorable. (What could be making that sound?)

Beyond the basic game, there are secrets, collectibles, and an alternate mode to keep you busy if you're a completionist.

Glum Buster has a decidedly homebrew aesthetic that I find charming. At the same time, the presentation is quite cohesive and attractive. Itís evident that CosMind had fun working on the game, and he really infused it with personality. In an interview with GameSetWatch, CosMind cited his incessant daydreams as a primary source of inspiration.

Although Glum Buster is free, itís "charityware," which CosMind describes on his site.

This is definitely one of the best Game Maker games Iíve come across, and I predict that it will make waves in the various independent game communities and beyond.

Download Glum Buster (EXE, ~12.8 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Glum Buster

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.08.12 user_ferai
Rating: 9

Graphically, this game is superb. Moreover, the game is stylish, artistic, and sets a an engagingly dark mood using interesting and complex environments. While the game play stalled in a few spots, overall it was very entertaining with a good mix of action and puzzle solving. Once you start this game you will definitely want to finish it.
2009.07.20 EagloBane
Rating: 9

Excellent game! It was fluid, beautifully drawn, intuitive (except maybe for those of a lower intelligence level), and fun at the same time! I understood the story pretty well, and I beat it in only a few hours.

The only cons are that it is too short. Are you gonig to make a sequel?
2009.07.02 MC Dirty
Rating: 8

I'm stuck after just 20 minutes of gameplay. I'm at the (first?) level with the scary bunny and I can't figure out how to do this puzzle.
Nevertheless, it's a great game! But extremely confusing.
2009.06.01 BigxBen
Rating: 10

Beautiful game! This game was nicely planned out, and the strategy that comes along with it. The game is rather slow though, but it still deserves a 10/10. GM users must be insane to not rate this game high. This game is like no other, especially being made with GM.
2009.05.08 Jabberwock
Rating: 9


You're entitled to your opinions, of course, but only one rating per person, please, or I will rip your organs out.

2009.05.06 Pie_4
Rating: 2

this is really pissing me off
how the hell are you supposed to even complete the second level
I have no idea what I'm supposed to do at all
2009.05.04 EasyBeak
Rating: --

9.7 eh? I'll definately have to try it out.
2009.05.04 ;-);-)Giorgio;-);-)
Rating: 9

A dreamily-charming game and it's atmosphere gives a sense of a magic feeling. Lovely graphics, peaceful sounds and music, with a decent gameplay.

If you liked Seiklus, so this is a must for you, but this game is unique in itself.

This game is definitely one the best Game Maker games, quality and deep. Deserves at least a 9.
2009.05.03 Tubey
Rating: --

The highest score ever.
2009.05.03 Mooseyfates
Rating: 1

I'm sorry a 9.7? Nope. ....................................
2009.04.29 masterfulcat
Rating: --

Beautiful graphics (particularly the backgrounds), smooth physics, nice atmospheric sounds. Reminds me of Oddworld and Painajainen.
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