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Game Maker Games - Sword Calibre
Sword Calibre by thernody
Prove the power of women and save the town from the hideous jiangshi, the hopping vampires of the Orient. Stop them from going to the West and its caves of treasure! You are the only hope. I made this game over the course of 2 days for about 6 hours total. It's a rather short platformer with music by Hackurl and custom graphics to try to emulate the feel of NES games. A: Jump A, A: Air Dash A near Wall: Wall Kick S: Slash Up+S: Hadouken

Download Sword Calibre (EXE, ~6.32 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.07.08 Kafeithekeaton
Rating: 10

Hey d23, go suck a lemon you suckface. It's not ripped.
2009.04.06 -(D23)-
Rating: 7

Graphics: Very nice, I like it how it reminds of the old consoles. The character uses the same sprite when jump attack and attack so better fix it.
Also 1st boss seem to be a ripped sprite :(
Sounds: Irritating.
Gameplay: Should have more attacks. I found only 2. Also go to game settings>Other and turn off all the V's cause you dont want people to save and load in the middle of the game (I guess).
Game Help: None. Make a tutorial or something, I discovered about the chi attack by mistake.
Overall: Not so original but I like hack-and-slash anyway so its good for burning some time. Also Gameplay can be improved because of lack of moves and stuff.
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