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Game Maker Games - Infection
 Infection by Shawn64
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Review by Shaltif
What can I say... this is a great game with all the elements of a classic platform game. Here are my review stats:

Excellent, just plain excellent. It may take a bit to get the hang of the player skidding and wall kicking (both of which need to be mastered if you want to get far). The way the shooting part is designed is grand. Allows for precision shooting in all 360 degrees (right, up, left, down) so unless you can't operate a mouse you will be killing baddies with pinpoint accuracy.

The levels are great and lengthy at times, some with nice scenes that set the mood. Has plenty of thrills and chills. And yes, I have to say, I said, "holy ****" a few times while avoiding enemies which seem to come from nowhere.A key point in this game is not go in with guns blazing (though you will be doing plenty of shooting during this game) but rather find ways to fire while avoiding being hit by the baddy. The level design and wall kick really help in this area. Notice your surroundings and you will get through okay (Use anything to your advantage when possible).

Nice story that sets the mood and places your character into a setting and attitude. Seems to play along the lines with the Jetz series we've come to know from Shawn. Judging from the story, this could be considered in between Jetz Fusion and any future Jetz release (Basically, the latest in the continuation of the Jetz story). The story is more of a side thing (like most platformers) which gives a reason for your character to be jumping around with alien baddies that want to kill you. Enjoy it for what it is. And nice intro... one of the best I've seen in a GM game.

Original and good-looking. Presented very well using nice "dramatic" settings to set the mood. Depicts a lot of violence, so be warned. A lot of "particle" effects, which look awesome. The attention to detail is nice. With the use of objects and effects just for background rather than required. If nothing else, this game just looks awesome to play.

Unfortunately, once you beat it, there isn't really any reason to play it again. But it's a linear platform game so this is kinda expected. However, if you're one for trying a game over and over until you complete it perfectly... then you may find this game to have a fairly good lifespan. I don't think there are any "secrets" with this game so unless I missed something, it will be the same each time you play. Although, just getting through the entire game once may take you some time.

Sound & Music:
Music is good (which is obvious since it's all professional stuff). Also, sfx were awesome and the talking is great (though, some more "acting" would have been better, lol). I did find that one of the songs seems to have a "pop" in it at a certain point. But nothing that will make you stop playing. Preferably, I would like some good original stuff. But being a fan of Metroid, I'd have to say, it was good.

Difficulty: Medium - Hard
This depends on your experience with the game. I did early beta testing for this project so I kinda had things down by the time I played the final cut. Some rooms are fairly hard but all can be passed once you figure out the "puzzle". This may take a few tries to complete. Don't give up!

My Comments:
Very well done and thought out. I don't know how Shawn does it without writing anything down, but he does and it comes out great. I only had a few things which I wanted in that didn't seem to make the final cut. WASD controls... I'm just used to them when using the mouse for shooting, lol. Some secret or alternate areas to explore, other than the normal linear play.

Bugs / Errors:
Well, when you have very little to report, you know it was designed well. The only thing I noticed after my plays was that a word was misspelled. But that won't affect gameplay. Other than that, it's completely clean.Enjoy the game. This type of stuff doesn't come around every day.

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Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.05.01 Corruption
Rating: 10

Wow, I liked this one. Fairly easy, could've had more levels.
2008.02.27 jordan_ssm
Rating: --

Haha like this one, try out my game called journey to hell...
2007.09.14 Tyler387
Rating: 8

Great game overall, graphics are nice and stylish, hectic gameplay, etc. Love the epic-ness of the game.
2007.09.02 Jam Games
Rating: 10

I just beat the game... and the boss is Jetz!!! I whoop ass! THiS GamE RoCks!
2006.12.31 Flare whitefire
Rating: 10

Oh my god this game ROCKS i mean i almost pissed my pants when the enemies came down from the ceiling! god the screaming i admit freaked me out ALOT. It made me anticapate what was comin next in the story i only made it to 2-5 and i still think i had a lil to much, Level 2 FREAKY man i was awesome, Like those haunted house things where u go through it walking and it takes like 15 minutes then u go out and ur like THANK GOD then u find out there's a second part and finally when u get done u run out side and throw up like 5 times. Yea it was that rad im actually feeling a bit sick right now. OMG you got a winner man.
2006.09.24 zon3r
Rating: 9

shawn64, you rock. How do you DO it? How do you make a game with loose, slippery controls and make everybody love it? Well, no matter.

Graphics: 9. Very well done, but all of the red red red red red red red red red gets kind of boring after a while. I do love how in level 2 the lights fade and all those freakish jumpers attack you. The blood is very well done as well. Unlike the obnoxious splatters of Jetz, it spatters out in a modest spray and works perfectly, just serving to enhance the experience. Plus the new red Jetz looks awesome, and a lot like Strongbad. It would be cool if there were extra skins or something to unlock.

Sound: 9. Can't tell, cause once again my speakers are stupidly messed up, but I like the soundtrak from Jetz Fusion, and adore the Metroid music, so I will go ahead and call this a 9 as well. If it has metroid, it's cool in my book.

Gameplay: 10. Ingenius, tricky, and completely mindconsuming. The mouse control gun is perfect, a great transition from the stiff aiming mechanics of the Jetz series. The fact that you can jet backwards and shoot is great. An excellent job has been done on the mood, a bleak, unnerving setting completes the game. The way that the enemies kill you so quickly makes it frightning just for the fact that you can't save until the 4th level. On level 3-2 and one of those kangaroo guys jumped me. But I keep going back for more. After I beat Jak II, I knew that easy games wouldn't cut it for me anymore. I wanted a challenge, and sure as heck did I find one. I say again, Shawn64 rocks.
2006.09.03 Trogador
Rating: --

2006.08.27 super_devon4
Rating: 10

D--- dude, this f---ing rocks! I love the graphics, gameplay, controls, everything!
Definitly deserves a 10/10.
If i could, i would give you a 50/10.
2006.08.07 piggybankvillan
Rating: --

I havent played this game yet cept it looks cool and sounds sweet and it has a cool name so lets see what im up for.
2006.06.05 Aboriginal
Rating: 8

I would recommend this game to anyone who likes to shoot things and see their effects. This game has a bit of strategy mixed into it but no brain-busting puzzles. I wouldn't recommend this to someone who's looking to strain their brain. Excellent game, Shawn64. I'm not sure how this could be made any better. All in all, this game was given a 8/10.
Read the full review at www.freewebs.com/aborg/reviews/infection.htm
2006.04.01 _Player2_
Rating: 7

much too hard.
I quit when my stress level shot way up.
particle system:9
sound efex:5
average score:7.25

not what I would expect from ratings/opinions like these.
2006.03.21 Kevin Triebel
Rating: 7

Rest in peace Shawn!You was the the best!
2006.03.19 game_master664
Rating: 9

This game is awsome!
This game's shooting was one thing I liked about it and another is the ability to jump of walls. The only thing that I didn't like was the amount of enemies in one room at a time and there wasn't very much health from time to time, more health or less enemies would have been better.
2006.01.05 fedor sinev
Rating: 9

I think this game is well... its awesome OK awesome

i'd give the graphics an 8.7 and the music a 9.1 and the gameplay a 10 but... trust me play it thats what my friends said. :)
2005.12.03 relyt_123
Rating: 8

Hmm...this was quite a good game, good job on implementing sound effects from doom, although it was a little bit over done. I like the fact that you can't save until quite far into the game. This is a pretty good game, maybe not the best one out there but pretty well made, i'm hoping to see a sequel. Good Job! Even though the graphics werent that great.

Sounds:9/10(Good Implementation)
Gameplay:8/10(I found it frustrating at times)
2005.12.03 Tayway
Rating: 8

This game looks excellent! And it played pretty nicely too. I did get stuck in one area though. If you should add one thing I would say it has to be a room to learn the controls or something like that.
2005.09.26 khmolloy
Rating: 9

u should turn it 3D. That would be sooo cool.
i give 9/10
2005.07.15 sc(+)pe
Rating: 7

A good game yet it had a bit of a choppy storyline... In it it says,' A bounty hunter who heard of theis 2 years ago...' didnt make any sense. I got stuck in blocks. Overall a 7 outuv 10.
2005.06.25 sirfaron
Rating: 8

I thought that this game was great. One of the few really challenging games I've played, and enjoyed. Well done. The particle effects were amazing!
2005.06.10 tedfuzz
Rating: 10

Keep it up Shawn and by the way 'TOO MUCH SAVEPOINTS SUX'
2005.05.22 Tsunamidog
Rating: 10

My favorite Gamemaker game out there! I had the sound all the way up, and I got the crap scared outta me when stuff jumped out at me. The graphics are awesome and it is soooo amazingly fun! It gets a 10.
2005.04.26 wobe_studios
Rating: 10

great game but more savepoints plz
2005.04.13 Hootie hoo!
Rating: 10

This is definatly the best game EVER made by game maker. It's got everything you could want in a game! Er - except a sort of freeplay mode or something... Or maybe a multiplayer.... Anyway this game totally rocks. I programmed my computer to automatically run it every day at 3:45 (The time I usually get home from school). I went on to shawn64's web sites and now my screensaver is a bunch of screenshots from infection and some wallpaper from his site. Sometimes I click on 'Credits' just to hear the music. I typed too much... Bye...

Graphics 10/10
Sounds 10/10
Music 10/10
Gameplay 10/10
Overall 10/10
2005.03.05 SWEFX
Rating: 10

This is the best gamemaker game ever and I don't think there will ever be a better one.
2005.02.23 NormalPhobic
Rating: 10

One. Of. The. Best. Games. Ever. When I first downloaded this, I got freaked out by the skull, then closed it down, deleted it and then downloaded it agin. Then I played it and was blown to pieces (like those blob things) by the graphics. You should make somthing that says the names of the enemys, I mean it sucks caling them blobs, zombie kangaroos, mutant bats, flying blobs ect.
Graphics 10/10
Sounds and Music 10/10
Gameplay 10/10
Overall 10/10
I nearly wet my self when they popped out in my face.
2005.02.13 DrLuigi777
Rating: --

I made a new account.This game was pretty good. The unique platformer action concept is terrific. Though Shawn could have a little less blood.
2005.02.07 Dr.Luigi777
Rating: 8

This game was pretty good. The unique platformer action concept is terrific. Though Shawn could have a little less blood.
2005.01.16 ImSneaky
Rating: 8

This game is good but :8 the blood was gross but,cool!
2005.01.15 vakamadisk
Rating: 9

Great game. The hero and enemies reminded me of Strongbad from www.homestarrunner.com
2004.11.23 Feet First
Rating: 9

Once again shawn64 has made a great gamemaker game probably my second favourite after Jetz Rampage 4 Revenge. It has great graphics, great sfx and great music. The creatures were cool and not boring and unoriginal like in most platform games.
I don't mind the lack of saves at all, it simply makes the game more of a challenge and this game is very much a challenge. The save points became my goals and kept me determined to get to them. Meow.
Overall a near perfect game. Great. I though it was fantastic.
2004.11.17 Re_jex
Rating: 7

very well done game, although it reminds me alot of the game Abuse made a long time ago, very very similar gamplay... and I like abuse better, way way scarier, but for a game maker game this is really good so , gj.
2004.11.12 mr_expositor
Rating: 10

Excellent!! Gory,Fun,And Cool Music.
Everythings a 10
2004.10.23 Seal
Rating: 10

lol the bad guys really scared me when one just popped out in front of my face. It was great.
2004.10.21 freakoo
Rating: --

this game is so fun!!!! I want to play it all day long
2004.10.01 quickmansam
Rating: 7

WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY!! COOL GAME but it should have score!
2004.09.10 thesodamachine
Rating: 10

halofrteak1331 what the hell is wrong with you? Maybe you didn't make it to save point because you suck at it. Seriously, i hate games with a lot of save points, that's why i love this one.
2004.09.07 halofrteak1331
Rating: 1

Dude what trhe hell is whong with you?!?!?! This game has nowhere nbear enough save points. Heck, ive never even got to the first one. Man just cuz u can easily beat this game doesnt mean everyone can!
2004.08.15 Anonymi
Rating: --

This game is wicked. Fun, smooth, it doesn't get old fast. I like how the crosshair position determines which way the guy faces. And the by the way the guy is pretty cool-looking. I love the enemies, the blood particle system, the rain, the lightning, everything. My littlest brother (nine) loves it too.

Graphics: 9/10
Audio: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Overall: 9/10

There's really only one thing I can criticize this game for. It would be nice to be able to save whenever you want, or at least to have checkpoints more often. But I guess this helps in making the game last longer. So yeh, overall this game is great; I really did enjoy it.
2004.07.04 powerpro
Rating: --

this is great!!

rateing: 9/10
pros: great graphics, great and smooth gameplay, great sound and music.
cons: too short, too hard sor some players
2004.04.07 Sampe
Rating: --

This is good game! Graphics are nice.
Graphics 9/10
Sounds and Music 9/10
Gameplay 9/10
Overall 9/10
2004.04.03 AndyG
Rating: --

The only reason lm trying this is because l say that THRUST game.... its the hardest game ever but its soo fun l think this will be aswell
2004.03.31 Axle the Beast
Rating: --

I must admit, it was odd how I found this game.
I was downloading Thrust, another one of Shawn64's games, then I found this on his site.

Great game, one of the best Game Maker platformers EVER in my opinion. Its number 3 in my top 10. (1 being the best)

Its a bit hard, but that makes you keep coming back for more.

Graphics 10/10
Sounds and Music 10/10
Gameplay 10/10
Overall 10/10

Deffinetly play this.
2004.03.20 MattCreations
Rating: --

I love this game! This is the greatest game maker game i've ever played! The only bad thing about it was that you can only save at certain times. And the first time you can save is on the 4th level. It's kind of wierd, but anyway the game is great. It has good sfx and graphics and gameplay!
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