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Game Maker Games - Mission Extreme Remake
 Mission Extreme Remake by Deadheat
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Review by beam
Mission Extreme Remake is obviously a remake of this game, with what seems to be new, full-color sprites, and maybe some level changes. I'm not sure. What I am sure of it that this game is absolutely worth a try (or a few).

The game starts with your nameless hero being dumped out of a helicopter and into the jungle, with a short summary of his mission. America is being threatened by a terrorist cell with a mega-weapon, which isn't really your concern. It's the 20 hostages that they have littered the jungle with that you need to rescue.

I wouldn't say this game is hard. It is tricky though, the control scheme is a little non-traditional, with the x key being jump, and the z key being shoot. Most games I've played are the other way around, which resulted in me running off platforms to my death a few times. You also get some grenades, but they are best saved for boss fights, and they don't help that much anyway. Anyway, once you master the controls, you're in for a good time. The enemies are reasonably varied, even though the initial ones might be a little too hard, taking two shots to kill. It's also fun discovering the little secrets scattered throughout the game, akin to jumping in Mario and bumping your head on a hidden block.

At the end of each stage there are bosses, which are reasonably well designed. My only gripe is that the first boss had too much health, and resulted in my dying a few times the first play through. That could be attributed to me being terrible at games, however.

As far as the technical things go: the graphics are very nice. Everything looks crisp and clean, and they keep in the spirit of the original Mission Extreme. The sound effects and music are great, they are very fitting and some of the sound effects sound like they were taken from Contra. The controls, as I've said before, feel a bit off to me.

Play this game if you like a challenge. It's a well-executed platform shooter, albeit a little short, but you might find it sitting on your hard drive for a while.

From the author:

A secret terrorist organisation has created a secret super weapon and are threatning to blow up america! We dont know exactly what it is but we are not taking any risks. They have kidnapped 20 hostages and that is why we are sending you in. Your the best we have! Good Luck!!

Download Mission Extreme Remake (EXE, ~2 MB , Content caution )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.04.05 BigxBen
Rating: 8

I'm not much of a fan of Retro GM Games, but this game was well-made.

I used Joy2Key to get more into the game play. I had to set a 3rd button though for the Spacebar.
2008.09.28 Alex Kidd
Rating: 7

This game is so good. Very good retro-style graphics, nice movements. The introduction is neat! Recommended for everyone to play this game! :)
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