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Game Maker Games - Johnny 20: Magikk
Johnny 20: Magikk by Sparlatacus (PG Games)
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Review by Mocha Man
As GMG nears its 5th-ish birthday, I thought I would celebrate our legacy by looking at another age-old staple of this community: the Johnny games. For those familiar with the series, I'll come straight to the important details:

Nose-climbing: Yes. In fact, it's slightly enhanced because Johnny (and his nose) can walk up and down hills.
Lasers: Prolific.
Atmosphere: Inescapable.
Difficulty: Not impossible.

The first Johnny game is actually older than this website. Over the years, Sparlatacus, the elusive Salvador Dalí of Game Makers, has established an infamous reputation for his flamboyant corruption of established game-design principles. Within this community, he is probably the earliest ancestor of the Art Game movement which has been so trendy lately. Johnny 20 is one of the more playable of the Johnny sequels, and focuses more on artwork, musical ambiance, and subtle repetition rather than horrendous difficulty. Most noteworthy are the gritty horror-clown music and the vaguely startled noises that come from defeated enemies.

These games are some of the only GM games I would describe as endearing, and during a time when surreal and bizarre elements have become the hottest ingredients in new indie releases, I think it's important to recognize one of the veterans of the trade.

From the creator:

a relaxed atmosphere.

Download Johnny 20: Magikk (EXE, ~12.1 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.02.22 Gåsen
Rating: --

I tried quite a few installments in this series and I never liked them. But I enjoy Tapeworms Johnny fan games a lot! They are weird and artistic too, but they are ALSO FUN TO PLAY.
2009.02.19 Oh wow Secret Cow
Rating: 8

Well the thing about Johnny 20 is that it's meant to be this way, people. The primitive graphics have an alluring effect to them, like a kid's doodles. Ditto with your sound effects (they were strangely effective in supporting your already offbeat artwork).

But level design was a bit lacking - I found many stages very, very similar to their previous. And oftentimes, whether or not I passed a level was brought down to luck: If this lamp post decides NOT to charge me, I might just have a ch... oh never mind, I'll have to retry.

And in some levels the controls were plain unwieldy. In addition to the sometimes 'invisible exit' and 'invisible platforms', the game made for a frustrating experience.

Though the fact that I played through to the end speaks volumes about how I weighed the pros versus the cons. :)
2009.02.07 Mooseyfates
Rating: 8

This is johnny in its much later version with everyhting that makes a johnny game perfected. Nose climbing action, weird jumping and weird shooting. I wish I could get past that place that rokuji mentioned, but it deserves an eight anyway.
2009.02.01 Rokuji
Rating: 5

it was fun but i cannot get past one screen i wasted SO MUCH OF MY LIFE tryign to do it it is awful god damn you
2009.01.29 FSX
Rating: --

I think the point of the series is that it sucks. It's like Plan 9 from Outer Space.
2008.11.27 jasonfoxrox
Rating: 1

Wow, this sucked really badly. Just give it up.
2008.06.11 waynesworld90210
Rating: 2

This game was awful. Absolutely awful.

Sounds 0/10

The music was creepy and distracting, and there WERE sound effects, but they were creepy and sounded as if you were breathing into the microphone.

Graphics 2/10

The graphics were hideous, I'm sure even I could make better graphics than you. And I suck! Some of the graphics look like they were thrown together in five minutes.

Playability 1/10

I don't think I've ever seen a worse game than this. From the looks of it, you probably put this together in 30 minutes. I got stuck on the fifth level, and with the constant sounds of you breathing into the microphone and the creepy, yet primitive music playing just caused me to turn it off. I may NEVER play this again.

Menus 4/10

Not bad, but there wasn't much direction, lots of misspellings and the game froze up when I viewed the Johnny memorial.

Overall 2/10

I may not be familiar with the Johnny series, but if it's full of glitches, sloppy drawings and hideous music and sounds like this, then I hope to not see another one. I am probably going to delete this from my hard drive now, seeing as how I just wasted 13 MB on a game that I probably am not going to play again.

~ Lucas
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