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Game Maker Games - Apple Harvest
Apple Harvest by F.S.
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Review by Jabberwock
Apple Harvest is a pretty run-of-the-mill button masher arcade game. That said, there's a little bit of fun to be had; if nothing else, the graphics are very nice.

The gameplay isn't terribly original; I suppose it resembles something like Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero (neither of which are games I like much) in that it revolves more or less around your ability to press the right button at the right time. Basically, a bunch of apples fall out of a tree, most of them rotten. It's your job to catch the ones that aren't; there are 25 of these for each level, and catching them all will award an extra life. Catching a rotten apple looses a life, and, as the video game gods have dictated, running out of lives means losing the game. As the game progresses, it, of course, gets more difficult, and the speed with which the apples fall soon reaches a pretty insane level.

The graphics are mostly what drew me to this game in the first place; they're bright and pixelly, quite thoroughly and consistently 8-bit in style. It looks, except for the alpha transparency, like it could be an old DOS game, and it does a good job of it. And, as you might already know, that's a look I like. I don't necessarily like the near-blinding brightness of the colors chosen - but then again, I can say the same about a lot of old DOS games.

There are two tracks of music. They're not horrible, but the use of steel drums gives a "tropical" feeling that is, to put it nicely, not entirely apt. I do like that the music speeds up as the apples fall faster, though; that's a nice touch.

Overall, while it's not exactly blazing trails, Apple Harvest is well-programmed, has very nice graphics, and isn't too short on fun, either - at least not for fifteen minutes or so; after that, the slightly monotonous gameplay probably won't invite replaying. Download it? Heck, I dunno. Maybe button-mashers are your thing; even if not, it's not totally meritless.

Download Apple Harvest (EXE, ~2.87 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.10.12 Live Wire
Rating: 8

I really liked this game, it's like a DDR mini-game only with a different theme, and it was quite fun. I got to level 8 and got 196 points. :P
2008.06.11 Mooseyfates
Rating: 6

This is a nice game. The graphics are great and it is pretty fun. I like the premise of a little kid kicking a tree so another can catch the apples. It may take a little too long for the difficulty to increase -- the first 3 or 4 levels, I collected all of the apples and didn't collect one of the 'rotten' apples. When i was playing through, I was hoping for it to get harder because it is well made otherwise and it eventually did. I think it would have been nicer if there had been some variety in the gameplay, like idk powerups or something, though i don't know how that could fit in, and there may be powerups; i only played twice and didn't get too far.
2008.05.01 flip82
Rating: 6


The only problem is that the text that says like... all apples caught is up way to long.
2008.02.09 Etsamaru
Rating: 8

This game is a fun well put together Game that I recommend people download. It really seems like an Arcade NES Type game. With no glitches that I seen. Also it has good Replay Value. It has a good progression of diffuculty also.
2008.02.09 Bright.Side
Rating: 8

That was a great game! Very hard, the only complaint I have is that the level takes way too long to start.

2008.02.09 Etsamaru
Rating: --

If you press the down arrow key it skips it and goes right to it.
2008.02.08 Etsamaru
Rating: --

I tried to play it but I can't download it.
2008.02.08 F.S.
Rating: --

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