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Game Maker Games - Jumble
Jumble by aweirdgamer
Even though nothing really jumbles around in the game, it's the best title I came up with at the time. All you need to do is a spell a word in the slots, if however you spell it wrong, you'll have to start over. Sounds pretty easy, but the main twist is all letters that aren't in a slot move, instead of just one at a time.

NOTE: If enough people like this, I may make a sequel with more levels or gameplay options and possibly a level editor.
NOTE: There should be a download button on the bottom right of the screen. (as of 1-11-8, when I submitted this)

Download Jumble (EXE, ~1.3 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.01.25 aweirdgamer
Rating: --

Jumble Maze is now ready.

Oh wait! THIS ISN'T ATLEAST 30 characters, now it is, but it wasn't.
2008.01.13 aweirdgamer
Rating: --

I've fixed the error!!

Also, I have started working a sequel called 'Jumble Maze' which could also be called Jumble 2, in honor of the first comment I got from ViciousTurtleGames. My plan for it is to have new features as well as 100 levels or more.
2008.01.13 ViciousTurtleGames
Rating: --

That's great! I can't wait to play it!
2008.01.12 aweirdgamer
Rating: --

You can move in those other five levels, you just need to scroll around using the mouse.

Also, thanks for the suggestions.
2008.01.12 aweirdgamer
Rating: --

Mouse toward the edge, and try all edges.

Just making sure I was clear.
2008.01.12 aweirdgamer
Rating: --

Take that back, I thought you meant something else. That I don't get either, probably because I tested it on a monitor of a different ratio.
2008.01.12 aweirdgamer
Rating: --

Good news - I found and fixed the error
Bad news - I can't reupload the game, I asked YoYoGames tech support on how, I'll get back to you

You can still play, but only to level 13.
2008.01.11 aweirdgamer
Rating: --

The maker here, I just want to say a couple of things:

1. This isn't my first game.
2. I know the graphics aren't great, and the lack of sound is bad.
3. In my opinion, this game deserves about somewhere between 5 and 7 if not 6 then one or the other.
4. This comment was posted 1-11-08, same day of submittance.
5. If you have any suggestions or ideas for a new edition, besides graphics and sound, please tell me.
2008.01.11 ViciousTurtleGames
Rating: 5

This was a very good and original puzzle game. It is a combination of maze and anagram puzzles . It's a very original concept, and it was executed perfectly. So why does this game recieve a 5/10? The answer is length.
There are only 18 levels, and a glitch (I doubt it was intentional) prevents you from seeing part of the screen in 5 of those levels. That gives you just 13 puzzles, none of which are very hard. So if this bug were fixed, and you added more levels, I would quickly add this to my favorites list. Good job though. Make Jumble 2, except this time call it something like Jumble Maze. And try to make it a bit tougher.
2008.01.11 ViciousTurtleGames
Rating: --

I thought the graphics were fine. And I'm glad to finally see a GM game designer ask for suggestions.
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