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Game Maker Games - Japanese Infomercial
Japanese Infomercial by NALGames
A VERY random arcade game. Short, a little sweet, and worth a play, if only once.

Download Japanese Infomercial (EXE, ~8.2 MB )

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.01.13 NALGames
Rating: --

Thanks for the review! As I mentioned on the YoYo Games website I was bored one day and felt like doing something different from the norm (all my other games tend to be more serious). It's nice to see someone liked it. Thanks again :)
2008.01.10 NALGames
Rating: --

Ooh crap, sorry, must've filled out the boxes wrong. I'm fixing it very shortly, but until then it can be found here.
2008.01.10 ViciousTurtleGames
Rating: 6

Thanks, NAL! Anyway, about the game. Well, it really isn't much of a game at all. The title is pretty self explanatory. It's an infomercial like thing with some gameplay elements. In truth, it would be awful if it wasn't so dang funny.
Graphics: 8/10 Hilarious! Great mouth animation!
Humor:10/10 This is extremely funny! I love the use of resource sprites!
Gameplay: 5/10 Barely passable. But like I said, this isn't much of a game.
Difficulty: 2/10 Way too easy!
Length: 7/10: Way too short. But I feel that this game wouldn't be as memorable if it were longer.
Replay: 3/10 You'll only play this once. But it's great to show your friends!
Fun: 9/10 Great fun, even if you play it only once.
Overall: 6.2/10 A great game. Definitely on my favorites list. Don't let the low score discourage you. You've got nothing to lose by trying.
2008.01.09 ViciousTurtleGames
Rating: --

Please tell me how to find it on your site! I really want to play!
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