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Game Maker Games - Johnny 4: The Final Chapter
Johnny 4: The Final Chapter by Sparlatacus (PG Games)
Johnny has lost his sunglasses and must fight the dark without them. The final Johnny game has been done the classic way, Johnny looking better than ever (not like that is any way near acceptable)! Enjoy!

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Comments (Add your own):
2009.02.06 Mooseyfates
Rating: 6

I like this game. I guess nose climbing hadn't been developed yet, and it looks like the enormous difficulty hadn't been implemented yet, but it still has some of the johnny charm. The shrinking is pretty boss.
2006.08.19 Kafeithekeaton
Rating: 10

I love the comment boxes on the Johnny topics. XD
2006.04.27 Maderick
Rating: 1

This game is stupid, infact its so funny that
its good, (PS : NOT!)

this game makes no sense whatsover! i'll beat
it by a mile with my series of games! you'll see!
2005.09.03 Tinker Magoo
Rating: 4

It's okay. But how come you can only shoot one way?

2005.07.20 Pie_4
Rating: 1

I really wanna swear, but i wont. THIS GAME IS ****!
2005.05.23 MINE
Rating: 10

In fact I take back all of the bad comments about johnny games. They rock!!!
2005.05.04 MINE
Rating: 7

OK I take back what I said about this being a horrible game. But now that I see It's sort of fun.
2005.05.01 MINE
Rating: --

Mine is the one who throws the knives
2005.04.30 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

What is your favorite enemy on this game.Mine is the purple suited guy who throws those blue spinning balls.
2005.04.28 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

If you had the deluxe edition of Johnny 2 wich I have gotten to the last boss,but right when diez he just dissepears like the enemies
2005.04.27 MINE
Rating: --

actually I already have. But I could not beat johnny 2 yet
2005.04.26 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

MINE,have you ever thought about downloading Johnny 2 or 3.
2005.04.23 MINE
Rating: --

OK I tried downloading it again but the file doesn't exists neither does your webpage. Check your freewebs account if the page still exists
2005.04.22 MINE
Rating: --

ImSneaky2 I can't download the game It keeps saying there's a temporary error with the server but I'll try to download later.
2005.04.21 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

Can you go to my website URL:www.freewebs.com/imsnekay/tfg.zip Please?That makes you download my greatest game yet 'The Fighting game,'.
2005.04.19 MINE
Rating: --

I'm working on it. I already downloaded johnny 1,4,5
2005.04.16 MINE
Rating: --

Thanks ImSneaky2 The reason I didn't know that is because It doesn't have a help file.
2005.04.16 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

To show my appreciation,try and download all the Johnny games you have not yet played!
2005.04.15 ImSneaky2
Rating: --

Hey,MINE don't you are supposed to shoot those three guys with your gun by pressing ctrl.
2005.04.14 MINE
Rating: --

Man What the heck? it's imposible to beat this game. In the second level there's 3 guys that don't let you go through even though johnny was small. So make a better game with effort. It said so in the rules of submitting a game: Do not make a terrible game for attention. You don't want to be known for such a game. And is that how you want to be known? The terrible game creator? good games take about 2 months to create. I'll be on the look out for your games.
2005.04.14 MINE
Rating: --

Don't think I don't know about cooking breakfast 2. I read the comments before I play the game. and those who are reading this, I do not recommend downloading cooking breakfast 2. It gives you seizures.
Rating: 10

Well,I found that out now but good game I also beat to short but it needs more levels.
2005.02.08 PG Games
Rating: --

ImSneaky, you need to press space to complete to shrink yourself and then you can climb through that small space.
2005.02.04 ImSneaky
Rating: 4

Thanks Sparlatacus your the best,
the game begins all right but then it gets a lot of stupidity.
There is this level where there is now way to beat the level.It is not Johnny's height so,I decided to quit and never play again.
If you think you'd just be lazy enough to watch your main chracter fall forever of nowhere.
My friends and I could do better and were in First & Second Grade.
2005.01.26 PG Games
Rating: --

Link works now, so you do not have to wait til 2006 to play.
2005.01.15 ImSneaky
Rating: 3

The link is missing I expect you to fix before February 26th,2006. Or I will delete reviews you give to me.
2004.10.02 Alpha59
Rating: --

Well, to be honest, it's not very good...
But to say something positive: The shrinking is fun...
2004.08.23 TheSodaMachine
Rating: --

You guys suck, this game is fun.
2004.07.15 Serrellious
Rating: --

Hahah! Lol...what kind of n00bi5h id10t m4d3 th1s!?
My brother's only 8, and he can make games better than this any day!

Heheh...it's so freakin' funny...
2004.07.14 razor
Rating: --

When I played this game for the first time,
I thought it was the stupidest gamemaker game EVER!
And it is!
You have to use the massive bugs in the game combined
with the gun and the laughable shrinking ability,
to complete the levels.
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