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Game Maker Games - Radian
 Radian by Jabberwock
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Review by beam
Jabberwock's Radian is a extremely well polished arcade space shooter. Despite its simple control scheme, the game play is solid and engaging.

Right from the title screen, you get a taste of what the game is like. The game is creepy (or at least, as creepy as an arcade shooter can get). The screen has a slight flicker and random lines and noise are drawn on it, to the effect of an old film reel. There is no music, but in this case, less is more. The sounds that it does have are a little unnerving. The graphics add even more to the aesthetic -- the colors are all very toned down, but seem to glow on the background.

Radian's control scheme is pretty simple. Your ship is stationary, and the arrow keys left and right (or 4 and 6 on the number pad) rotate the ship, and its shields along with it. The z key fires a normal scatter shot, and the x key fires a faster and more powerful shot.

The rotating mechanic easily allows the player to go into a frenzy, even if there aren't even that many enemies on the screen. One needs to play pretty quickly to be able to block incoming shots with the shields while getting shots off on enemies in time. The player must also pay attention to the ship's heat, because as the ship heats up, shot range goes down and it loses the ability to use the secondary attack. Powerups for your weapon are also available, and can be collected by pressing the spacebar when facing in their direction.

All in all, Jabberwock's foray into the arcade shooter genre has been a success. It's simple enough to be accessible to people who aren't particularly good at fast-paced shooters, but engaging enough to hold the attention of the most jaded bullet hell player.

Author's description:
An abstract arcade game, the result of half paying attention in chemistry class.

The gameplay is rather strategic, so please try a couple of times before giving up.

Download Radian (EXE, ~1.4 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Radian

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2008.01.07 ViciousTurtleGames
Rating: 8

This game is great. Its most noticable feature is the vibe it gives, which is a retro sci-fi feel with a creepy touch. Most gm games are generic, but this game has a distinct flavor.
2007.11.09 DeathMasterGames
Rating: 6

Aw, man. At first I thought one of my games was being reviewed. At first glance, this game looked identical to my Project Snowstorm, then I realized there was no status bar on the side of the screen, and it was completely different.

It's not bad. I like the style, obviously, since it's exactly what I used, minus a few of the annoying reel effects in the start menu. The charging ability is a nice touch, and it's a nice tough shooter. Kinda sucks that you can't dodge the bullets though (that was sort of the point of my bullet hell game). Still, good work. I'm glad something from this genre got picked.
2007.11.09 Jabberwock
Rating: --

I think being able to dodge the bullets would sort of destroy the game; the reason you can't move around is that it forces you to play strategically, balancing shooting and blocking.
2007.11.09 DeathMasterGames
Rating: --

I gave it another chance. I guess with the blocking it really isn't all that bad, but I still prefer to dodge bullets than block them. I'd revise my rating, but I just remembered the game had no music, which sort of disappointed me. The whole creepy feel of the intro set me up for some weird space music, or even something playing softly in the background.

I have to admit, I didn't even know you could block at first. I thought the two side walls were part of the character. The weapon upgrades were nice though, and I like how the bullets were shaded nicely.
2007.10.14 The Third Man
Rating: 8

Cool little game. The difficulty curve is a bit steep, but it's a lot of fun.
2007.10.13 LegoCrazy1
Rating: 9

This game is really cool. The only reason I'm getting it a nine instead of a 10 is because of the sound, which I don't think went along at all.
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