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Game Maker Games - Oriontide
Oriontide by Jeremy LaCroix
Oriontide is an action RPG that bends the laws of Game Maker to my favor. It features hidden games, original artwork and an original engrossing storyline that I’ve been going over for several years. I poured my heart and soul into this one. I hope you like it.

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Comments (Add your own):
2006.08.02 moran
Rating: 9

this is damn good. this game is addicting, fun, and easy to get the hang of. i really didn't care for you Eve of Emotion game much (haven't tried Eve of Sadness), but this game I really enjoyed. I can't say enough good things. If I had to criticize, I would suggest that in the future, you add more variety to the ways your enemies attack the main character - they all just shoot their little ball thingies...still though, amazing job.
2005.04.03 Spuz
Rating: 3

Quote from the Doc: “Oriontide” is owned and is the sole creative work of Jeremy LaCroix, and NO element, unless otherwise stated being owned by someone else, may be used without permission. This is NOT open source software and cannot be altered or hosted on any site without permission. All characters and storylines are also copyright and owned by Jeremy LaCroix. By playing this game you are agreeing to this.

Funny, I see a lot of graphics, musics and sounds from RPG Maker. He must be using a different definition for 'sole creative work'. Anyway, I played this for a very short time and can't say I like it much.
2004.10.31 Re_jex
Rating: 8

Great game, I have seen some of the sprites in GM game packs.... never played this 'bounty hunter' it is a good game though, and I am sure was hard to make in GM well done
2004.10.01 zilark
Rating: 10

I have to agree with ryan nuca, because I did see some of those sprites in bounty hunter, BUT IT STILL WAS A GOOD GAME-10/10
2004.09.23 jlacroix
Rating: --

Thats alright. Quite a few enjoyed this one so to that end I am very sucessful. I really worked hard on it, an RPG made on an non-RPG system and all.
2004.09.16 Deeje the Great
Rating: --

(in reply)
well i guess we'll just see about that then shall we, n00b?
2004.09.16 Deeje the Great
Rating: --

OH SORRY! i was replying to that Ryan Nuca guy, no you, jlacroix!!! that guy angered me with his pride and insultation.
2004.09.08 jlacroix
Rating: --

Thanks guys! To defend my game a bit, these sprites and graphics should not have been used anywhere else. The characters are completely original sprites done by Sniffy. The music is not Game Maker.
2004.08.23 moogle301
Rating: --

wow, cool game wish i was that good,

please will somebody clever at rpgs help me??

i downloaded rpg maker and didnt look very good because you didnt make yourself. i tried to make an rpg in gamemaker but it is quite hard because when you want more than one house in a village there is no way to do it but make an object for everydoor as there isnt a button which is back to last room only back in the lsit. do you know of a better way? and whats sphere please help if you can

my email is piggymad@btopenworld.com
2004.08.20 Ryan Nuca
Rating: --

Those sprites are not original. I've seen most of them in a game called Bounty Hunter. Other than the lies involved in the review, this is a fairly good game. A lot of the music was good, but I'm not sure if the game maker made the music as well. However, it is quite different from most games I've seen on the game maker, but I spotted this one a bit after I started my own RPG, which, in my thought, and many other people's, is better.
2004.05.19 deeje the great
Rating: --

This game is amazing! try it and you'll see. The graphics are nice and it has that RPG feeling that most GM RPGs don't have.
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