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Game Maker Games - Lilium
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Review by Jabberwock
Lilium is an exploration game that claims inspiration from Painajainen and The Wasteland (shameless plug). It bears certain similarities to both games, but isn't too much like either.

You play as one of the last members of a dying race; it's your goal to stop said race from dying out altogether, which, for reasons unknown, must be accomplished by collecting a bunch of colored orbs (similar to Painajainen and Seiklus). Unfortunately, the main character doesn't seem very alive at all; he (she? it?) lacks any kind of animation or detail.

The gameplay is a mixture of traditional platforming and puzzle-solving. The game engine has a few issues - for instance, it's sometimes possible to get stuck in blocks when changing rooms, though there's a button that will teleport you to the save room, so it's not a big deal. Also, the controls just seem a little sticky at times; perhaps it has to do with the low gravity, which also gives the game a sort of floaty feeling. By contrast, the puzzles are pretty well-crafted, though some are definitely more obvious than others. Later in the game, there's also another gameplay element introduced that involves the mouse, which is pretty interesting, and certainly original.

Since the game is an exploration game, it's pretty crucial that the different areas are interesting. In this aspect, the game does a fair job, but the changes between environments are often jarring, and the way the rooms fit together is not at all logical in some places. Still, some of the areas are pretty cool; my favorite would have to be the snow one.

The graphics are a little hit-and-miss - the environments are all drawn in a sketchy, not-so-detailed style that sometimes works (the snow area, for example) and sometimes doesn't (the underwater area). This style mixes with some pretty impressive, but not entirely congruous, particle effects.

The music is MIDI; the tracks are fairly interesting and original, and I suppose they fit well enough - they have a sort of dreamlike feel. The sound effects fit pretty well too; at least, I can't recall any that clashed. Overall, the use of sound is mediocre, but it's there, which is good.

In conclusion, Lilium is a nice treat for exploration fans, even if it's not perfect, and it contains some pretty original elements. I suggest you at least give it a try.

Download Lilium (EXE, ~2.3 MB , Suitable for everyone )

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Opinions about Lilium

Overall: recommended

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Comments (Add your own):
2010.08.21 Recneps
Rating: 8

I love this game. It reminds me of a dream I once had.
The staff didn't rate the game nearly as high as it deserves.
2008.04.05 tomatoeworm
Rating: 9

Like seiklus, but with a easier to understand plot D:
2007.08.29 Mr. Tall games
Rating: 8

This game reminds me of seiklus a little bit. This game is definately worth playing, the music goes with the mood of the game really well....

Yeaaahhh... whatever your games just really good.
2007.08.26 The Third Man
Rating: 7

It's clear from the beginning that the creator put a lot of effort into this game; the opening cinematic is intriguing and well-done and the title screen menu is one of the most intricately crafted I've ever seen. Unfortunately, the gameplay does not live up to the top-notch presentation.

Technically, the game is brilliant. The graphics are generally good (especially the gorgeous particle effects), the music accents the mood of the game well (though it seemed to fade in and out oddly), and the programming is impeccable. But searching for colored orbs simply isn't a compelling enough concept to hold the game together. I found my interesting waning about fifteen minutes into the game.

It's worth playing simply for the excellent presentation, but it would be a much better game if the gameplay was more engaging.
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